Sweat A Marathon Without Your Running Shoes

In our pursuit for wellness the topic of Weight loss, specifically fat loss, always comes up. Dr. Stacey’s, Specific Metabolism Diet, has helped hundreds of people create a lifestyle that helps them lose fat without losing metabolically active muscle while enjoying foods they love. Another tool to fat lose is now available at our Southfield clinic, a far infrared sauna. This is ideal for people who have a condition or injury that keeps them from exercising. An article from the … Continued

What To Expect On Your First Visit With Dr. Stacey

Welcome to Specific Wellness! Upon entering our building you will experience a flash back with our retro colored waiting area. We share the space with two wonderful pain management and rehab doctors and a charismatic dentist. Mosey on over to our suite, number 105, and get greeted with a beautiful smile from our office manager, Hind. If she is tending to other needs in our office please feel comfortable ringing the bell on our window to let us know that … Continued

Insurance Questions, Answered

I discovered many years ago, from working in offices that participate with insurance and ones that don’t, that in order for you to get the care you need and deserve, I would need to not be subject to what the insurance adjuster feels is acceptable treatment for you. You and I get to decide that. Therefore this clinic does not participate with insurance. You, of course, can use your insurance to get reimbursed for a chiropractic adjustment if that is … Continued

We Are In This Together

Here at Specific Wellness we aim to teach you that your body is brilliant. It was created brilliantly and it can function brilliantly. Most healthcare practitioners will tell you what you need. We will tell you why you need it. At this clinic we listen. We listen to what you are saying and what you are not saying, your concerns about your family, your anxieties, your celebrations and your triumphs. If we are not the ones that guide you on … Continued

Help me breathe

I heard them before I saw them. As I walked into the waiting room there were three rambunctious kids under the age of 7 climbing all over the chairs…and one tired mom. “Hi N,” I said. I had met 6 year old N a month ago when his mom brought him in to me with symptoms of asthma and allergies. Sneezing, itching, rashes, coughing and breathing difficulties were among his struggles. Behavior was another. He was a great muscle tester. His … Continued

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu this Season

Happy Autumn! Along with the beautiful fall colors and the dropping temperature there is sniffling and sneezing in the air. Here are Dr. Stacey’s top 10 ways to prevent colds and flu this season: Get adjusted. When your body’s nerve supply can get to your muscles, organs and glands properly, your immune system will work its best. Drink half your body weight in ounces of clean, filtered water a day. Get into a habit of putting yourself to bed at … Continued

Starting Over

Welcome or Welcome Back. If you have been here before you will notice all the articles are missing. If you are new here, thank you for visiting and please make yourself at home. I am in the midst of spiffing up and streamlining my website in order for fine people like you to have an easier time navigating. Please be patient with me, taking my website from hodge-ky podge-ky to streamline isn’t my forte and may take me a few months. … Continued