European Skin care treatment: This treatment is customized specific to your needs, which includes a deep cleansing that removes built- up oil and debris, an exfoliant to help remove the top dead layer of skin and a masque that aide in hydration. A massage is also included in this treatment to help stimulate blood circulation for healthy glowing skin.

Acne Management treatment: The Acne Management Treatment helps to get acne under control with a deep purifying cleanse. Extractions are done for the removal of blackheads and clogged pores.  It is finished with an anti-inflammatory based masque that helps reduce redness and inflammation from acne breakouts. A toner and moisturizer are also added custom to your needs.

Teen Facial Treatment: This treatment is designed for teens interested in taking better care of their skin. The treatment includes a gentle cleanse, mild exfoliant, toner, masque and moisturizer, along with client skincare education.

Chemical Peels: A Chemical Peel is an aggressive way to exfoliate the skin and remove the top dead layer. This process frees trapped and built-up oil. The Chemical Peels help to clear and keep acne under control. They also help to lighten dark spots or pigmentation from breakouts and hormonal changes. Chemical peels also help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Back Treatment: A deep cleanse and salt scrub begins this relaxing treatment. The procedure is completed with a hydrating masque and massage to stimulate healthy circulation.

Extended Back Treatment: Includes all of the above features of the Standard Back Treatment, plus extractions.

Express Skin Care Treatment: This service is perfect for the person always on the go. It includes a deep purifying cleanse, exfoliant, toner, masque and moisturizer. Each product used is specific to your needs.

Free Skin Care Consultations: This service includes one on one time with the Skin care Therapist. The skin is closely evaluated under the microscope to discuss further treatment.

Eyebrow, lip and chin waxing: A topical wax is used to temporary remove hair.