Supplement Flash Sale

Supplement Flash Sale!!

20% Off All Supplements


As I start to write this, I’ve left the men-folk at home and I am flying over Cincinnati Ohio on my way to Tampa Florida. It is a three-part trip that I’ve been looking forward to for some time.

I will be at a convention for women chiropractors where I will learn new chiropractic techniques that will benefit you and the conditions you see me for. As well as mind-melding with some of the best functional medicine docs I know to review some of the more complicated cases that come my way.

The second part is seeing two of my three sisters and their families who I haven’t seen since before Covid began. We are close and I can not wait to spend time with them.

The last leg will be connecting with chiro friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. Sounds amazing right?! I even got my nails done!

It’s a long trip (9 days as opposed to my usual 4) and I am not used to leaving you for such a long period of time.

My front office manager, Jill, and I talked about what we could do for you during this time so you feel appreciated and supported even if I am not actually with you. We came up with an amazing idea…20% off all our supplements for the week I’m away.

So, if you would like to stock up on your immunity boosting supplies or your holiday gut-havoc rescue kit, now’s the time.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Immunity Boosting

· D3 5000 with K2 (So important. Make sure your blood level is between 50 and 75)

· Ultra Potent Vitamin C (Key immunity nutrient but also for healthy skin and so much more)

· Zinc AG (Key immunity nutrient. Especially for mucus membranes like sinuses, nose and throat health)

· Myco-Immune (Powerful immune support if stressed out or exposed to someone with any cooties)

· Colloidal Silver sinus spray (kills bad bugs. Sinus issues or traveling on an airplane.

· UltraFlora IB (To get your microbiome in check)

“Too-much-wrestling-with-the-cousins” support

· Formula 303 (natural muscle relaxant)

· Deep Blue (muscle relief ointment)

· Endura (relief for muscle cramping)

· Kaprex (joint pain relief)

Gut-Havoc Rescue

· Glutagenics (Soothes heartburn and indigestion so quickly it will amaze you)

· Pan9X digestive enzymes (For bloating and gas that occurs after a meal. Take with a meal)

· Metagest (Extra stomach acid to help break down your proteins. Take with a meal. Avoid if you have an ulcer or Barretts esophagus)

· Takesumi Charcoal (Sucks up stuff. Great if you have food poisoning, too much alcohol or just over-indulged)

· UltraFlora Acute Care/ Intensive Care (To replenish good gut bacteria)

“Over-served” cocktail support and rescue

· Advaclear (Best liver support. Your liver is a detox organ and you have just maxed out its toxin–filtering ability)

· Glutaclear (Helps you make your master antioxidant, glutathione, to keep you safe from errant cell damage)

· UltraClear Renew (Medical food detox program to get you back on track)

· Takesumi charcoal (To soak up all those toxins)

Too-much-family stress support

· MethylCare (B complex which is essential for stress management)

· Ashwaganda (an adaptogen which means it adapts to what you need. It gives you energy when you are dragging and helps you chill when you are on-edge)

· Anxie-T (When you are anxious and freaking out on the daily)

· Serosyn (helps lift your spirits. Do not take if you are on an anti-depressant)

· Tran-Q (Quick panic relief and improved sleep)

· (If it gets out of hand, you may also need “Over-served” cocktail support and rescue…no judgement)

“Flying-my-a**-out-of-here” support

· Grapefruit seed extract (Best preventative for Montezuma’s Revenge)

· On Guard Lozenges (For going up and coming down on air flights or around people with cooties)

· Myco-immune (Powerful immune support if stressed out or exposed to someone with any cooties)

· Paradex (Anti-parasitic for that bad sushi)

“Need-to-fit-back-in-my-jeans” support

· UltraFlora Control (microbiome support to control cravings)

· Glutagenics (for sugar cravings)

· Whey Perfect Protein Powder (High protein, low carb…when you are making poor food choices but still want deliciousness. Use Ultraclear Replenish if dairy sensitive…also delicious)

· Consult with Dr Stacey to create an eating plan that will drop weight quickly!!


Or any of the other amazing supplements you are on.

Please take advantage of this great offer.

In other news:

I am going to start holding workshops at my clinic. Topics will be on reclaiming energy, resolving gut issues, understanding cholesterol, taming inflammation, replenishing the gut microbiome and whatever other topics you are interested in. The first one will be held on the evening of Wednesday November 10 and the morning of Thursday November 11. We are trying to figure out what dates and times work best for the most people. Help us out by attending. There are always great snacks (Jill is an amazing chef and baker!) and great discounts on products and services.

The Sister Squad has grown and we couldn’t be happier. The Sister Squad came to be when I heard a powerful woman speak on how we really need to support each other. Now, more than ever! It moved me to tears.

Jill and I created a mission to empower and support the women and men who we know and respect by creating fun, educational and out-of-your-comfort-zone events. Some of the events we have enjoyed are:

· Walk and w(h)ine

· Corktown Tour and Ima restaurant

· French Cooking Class

· Weather-the-storm-together charcuterie night

· Stand up paddleboard

· Sukkot feast

· And so much more to come!!

We would love for you to join us.

Watch for future newsletters and connect with us on social media for updates of upcoming events.

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Great new products to help with your pain relief
My fabulous vacation-mode nail job. Thanks to the talented Jasmine from Tru Hollywood Nail

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