Kids are pretty rough on their bodies. From the moment they start standing and walking or falling straight down on the butts, even coming out of the birth canal can be traumatic for some little bodies. At Specific Wellness we muscle test for imbalances through surrogate testing or direct muscle testing of the child. When we find an imbalance we correct it with that gentle chiropractic manipulation. Sometimes you get a snapping sound from the gas being released from the joint. Sometimes we use an Arthrostim which is a percussive device that gently moves joints back into position. Often times were working on the soft tissue around the joint to help it function better. We also use Kinesiotape, which works by lifting up the tissue to allow the lymphatics to help heal the area, takes pressure off of pain receptors and stabilizes the joint. Kids are pretty active so it’s always recommended that they come in once a month to get checked.