There’s nothing like coming to your kids school evaluation and find out the teacher wants your child on medication for ADD or ADHD. It’s scary, frustrating and confusing. If you catch it early enough you can find the triggers that stimulate or overstimulate your child and resolve it quickly and easily in some cases but in some cases it comes with a lot of struggle.

The top food sensitivities are egg, gluten, soy, citrus, dairy, and corn. Some people eliminate these and see a great difference but you have to do it for 3 to 6 months without any cheating. Often times it’s from sugar, red dye or other color dye, food additives or preservatives and artificial flavors. It can also be from artificial sweeteners which I bet you didn’t know were included in your toothpaste. We’ve seen kids go from banging their head on the floor to getting “smiley faces” on all their report cards once we identified and removed or desensitized the food sensitivities or chemical sensitivities they were experiencing.

We use a technique called NAET which is an effective, safe and painless method of identifying and desensitizing allergens. We also do elimination diets and bloodwork when necessary. We get a significant improvement most of the time. It’s always important to fix the G.I. system and identify any imbalances, lack of probiotics or lack of diversity of microflora. ADD and ADHD often come with ear infections, asthma, skin problems, bedwetting, urinary tract infections and low immunity because these are all related to gut function or impaired gut function.