Recovery from SIBO

“About a year ago, I developed a nasty digestive issue, following a period on a full spectrum antibiotic for a sinus infection. I experienced intense bloating, gas and abdominal pain after eating. It usually lasted through the night, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to sleep. Even when I did sleep I was often exhausted the next day. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of Dr. Francis. She suggested a SIBO test and when it came back positive, she set me on the road to recovery with a restrictive diet, some really effective supplements and all the emotional support I needed. I am now able to add more and more foods back into my diet without any problems. Dr. Francis’ program has not only helped with these digestive issues, but in some ways I feel better than I did before this digestive problem. I am more energetic and the frequent heartburn issues I had also seem to have gone away.”

~Diana M.

Drug-free pain relief

Awesome, incomparable, one of a kind, best of the best…these are a few words to describe Dr. Stacey Francis.  She is the most amazing health provider I have ever been treated by.  Her Muscle testing followed by adjustment was something beyond imagination until I experienced it.  She is the only one I have ever seen where I came in the office with excruciating pain and in tears but left within twenty minutes pain free and with a smile!  This was done without x-rays or prescription meds.

I am into physical fitness with emphasis on weight training, running and cycling.  They are a constant part of my life and I have challenged my body with all of them for years. That being said, I have seen Dr. Francis over time for back, neck, shoulder and lower extremity issues.  When you have an onset of pain that builds over time or a sudden onset of persistent pain, it is devastating.  Pain can compromise you physically and mentally leading to depression. You may see your primary care doctor who then may refer you to a specialist with a possible wait of several weeks for an appointment.  This is usually followed by orders of x-rays, an MRI, ultrasound or all three that then need to be scheduled.

Every time I have seen Dr. Francis she has gotten me back fully functional.  I can’t say enough about this extraordinary woman from her knowledge of the body, to her beautiful spirit, to her healing hands. Every friend and family member I have referred to Dr. Francis is as satisfied as I am. Quality of life is everything and that is what Dr. Francis has given me. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~Terri Rose-Gillum

Headache relief

12 years ago I was in a car accident and suffered whiplash. About a year later I started having severe headaches. Since then I continued to have a 2-3 severe headaches each month, lasting all day. I’ve tried massage, Tylenol, ice packs, oils and more, none of which helped.
Finally I decided to see Dr. Francis to see if she could help me. After reviewing my history she made several nutritional and supplement recommendations. She also performed muscle testing and adjusted me (and my neck) which felt great!
Since following her advice and being adjusted I’ve felt great and haven’t had one headache! It’s a miracle! Dr. Francis is very knowledgeable about nutrition, which is something I appreciate being a registered dietitian! I have recommended her to my friends and will continue to see her on a regular basis!

Allergic rash completely disappeared

I recently brought my son to Dr. Francis after he broke out in an allergic rash from head to toe. I had seen the pediatrician the day before and he prescribed a two week course of oral corticosteroids. Even though he was unsure of the origin of the rash, he felt it to be so severe that it would only be remedied by such extreme treatment. I filled the prescription, because I hated to watch my son be so uncomfortable. I kept holding off starting the medication hoping that Dr. Francis could find an alternative route to navigate. After finding that my son was sensitive to milk, cheese, yogurt, gluten and soy, Dr. Francis proceeded to clear his system of the milk sensitivity and we returned home. By the next afternoon, barely 24 hours later, the rash had completely disappeared. We were astounded! We are continuing to see Dr. Francis to clear the other allergens, but we are so thrilled with the quick results that we saw.


Managing weight and blood sugar without drugs

“It would not be an exaggeration to say Dr.Stacey changed if not saved my life. Her knowledge of nutrition and supplements has made all the difference. I am managing my weight and blood sugar with no drugs. With her expert guidance, I now take supplements that truly make a difference in how I feel. If I get lazy about taking them my body lets me know!”

~Mary Lou F.

ALL my stomach issues are gone

Dr. Stacey,

It has now been 4 weeks since you suggested that I go off gluten to improve the arthritic pain in my hands.  It is truly a miracle. I am not being woken up at night from the sharp pains and when I work out I am now able to return to planking, my thumb joints are not killing me.  As an extra bonus of being off gluten my sleep patterns have completely changed.  I am able to sleep soundly through the night even  falling back to sleep after a 4:00 a.m. bathroom break.

My entire life I have had stomach issues. The last few months I have been living on Gas-Ex. The bloating, cramping, constipation and diarrhea were part of my everyday life.  I had tried elimination diets and even being off of gluten for a week did not give me the relief I was looking for.  I don’t know why but ALL my stomach issues are gone. I have not had a Gas-Ex this month and my stomach is fine.  None of my other doctors even suggested to me that gluten is an inflammatory and perhaps I should try eliminating it from my diet.  I don’t know how to thank you for your knowledge and your suggesting I try, it truly has made a wonderful difference in my quality of life.  I have always been addicted to sugar and now that I can’t eat all the pastry that I used to crave my body is a whole lot healthier.  Again, many, many thank you’s, you truly have made a difference in this patients life.

~Susan K.

She keeps me functioning and at my optimum performance

“Chiropractic Kinesiologist, Dr. Stacey Francis is invaluable! After being a long time patient of chiropractic care, I am thrilled beyond words to have discovered Dr. Francis’ approach to healing, naturally – without the use of X-rays. She is a wealth of knowledge, and knows the human body, so when she performs muscle testing – she is able to quickly determine if any of my muscles are in need of an adjustment. She keeps me functioning and at my optimum performance. In stressful situations, I now know that I cannot push ahead and feel my best without Dr. Francis who I wholeheartedly recommend.”

~Kristin R.

Hearing restored           

“I have been suffering from rather severe hearing loss for about ten years, and have been seeing an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician for most of that time.  I apparently have Meniere’s Disease, which causes a constant sound that impairs hearing things clearly.  The treatment prescribed is to reduce sodium intake, and take medication to reduce the buildup of fluids in the inner ear.  He also referred me to an allergist who correctly identified my allergy to grass, about which I have been aware for decades.

However ~ Dr. Stacey’s examination revealed that I am also intolerant of dairy: milk, butter, and cheese.  Having been raised in Wisconsin, this was quite a shock, being a Cheesehead and all.  It was a rare day growing up that I did not drink half a gallon of milk a day.  Going forward, it was hard to imagine a life without milk chocolate or pizza.

But I tried it.  The results have been transformative.  In October of 2014, I underwent an audiology test without my hearing aids.  Word recognition in my left ear was 14%; my right ear was 48%.  Last October 2015, after eliminating dairy from my diet, I was tested again.  Left ear: 48%.  Right ear: 78%.  Now, these tests deliberately test word recognition on words that sound very similar to other words, so it’s easy to be wrong.  A normal person would certainly do better than I, but not that much better.

Finally, I must point out that my profession as a wealth manager for investments rests primarily on my ability to hear what it is that is being said to me.  What you have done for me is life-changing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my lungs!”

~Ken G.

Pain relief

“I have come to Stacey 4 or 5 times in debilitating pain and each time she has completely solved my issues. A friend recommended her to me as a wonder worker and he was right.I had been to other Chiropractic providers many years ago and she is simply the best in the field.I only wish she could do something for my memory as I have left my glasses in her office twice.”

~Kirk O.

No pain in my neck and shoulder

“Dr. Stacey Francis,You are a miracle worker!!I smiled all the way to the office.. no pain in my neck and shoulder – and I could turn my head all the way to the right.THANK YOU!”

~Jen M.

Relief from their allergies

“Dr. Francis and NAET treatments have been instrumental in my wellness journey!  In treating just a few allergies I’ve realized substantial improvement in my health, energy level, and stamina!  Dr. Francis is patient and understanding and NEVER in a rush to listen to concerns or answer questions.  I’ve recommended Dr. Francis and NAET many of my family members and friends in the hope they’ll not only find relief from their allergies but reclaim their health and well-being!”

~Deb B.

No surgery

Dear Dr. Francis; This is to say “THANK YOU”. For three months I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. I endured two epidurals and was on three pain medications, Valium, Percocet and Neruontin and therapy. Nothing was working, the doctors said I would need surgery. Then a friend called and referred me to you. On the first appointment, September 9, 2009( I remember because it was my wedding anniversary) you treated me. When I left your office that day even though I was still in extreme pain, I felt a difference and every weekly appointment I got better and better. I now only have to see you on a monthly basis and I am walking and almost pain free. I tell everyone how excellent you are, in fact my son and one of my church/friends have started going to you. My son says you have magic hands  Sincerely,

~Clarice R B.

Free care for active military

“I met Dr Francis on Veteran’s Day. I saw her segment on a TV news station and decided to visit her practice. She was very attentive and caring, and I felt comfortable immediately.

Dr Francis is one of those rare people who truly care about active military personnel and their families. When my Air Force daughter came home on leave and needed treatment, Dr Francis made room in her busy schedule and made sure my daughter was taken care of before she went back to South Korea.

Thank you, Dr Francis, for honoring those who serve in our Armed Forces.”

~Bruce D

Listening, understanding and educating

Dear Dr. Francis,
Thank you for your follow through!
I appreciate the time you spent with me on Sunday … listening, understanding AND educating. I cannot tell you how much more relaxed I feel just being heard … thank you more than you know!

~ Jill R.

“old thumb” returning

“I came to see Dr. Francis with trigger thumb. Because of the discomfort I had prior to meeting with her, I began changing the way I did everyday things – putting my arm into a sleeve, turning on my car blinker and pushing the lawn mower. I wondered if my thumb would ever be the same again. After my first appointment with Dr. Francis, my thumb was feeling better. I have had 2 appts. since then and I am feeling my “old thumb” returning.

Thank you so much, Dr. Francis.”

~ Nancy H

She is the one doctor that has been able to help the pain

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, along with a host of other ailments and have searched for pain relief for years. About 12 years ago a friend recommended me to Dr. Francis and I am so grateful, because she is the one doctor that has been able to help the pain.

My body always finds a new area to hurt or ache, and every time Dr. Francis has been able to provide me relief. Whether it is pain in my hip, shoulders, neck, elbow, or even a pinky toe (seriously) I always leave her office pain-free and feeling brand-new again.

She’s very professional, extremely talented in her field and willing to spend time working with you until you feel better. I continue to recommend her to family and friends. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to manage the pain.

~ Kimberly D.

Lessons in eating and sleeping

“Dr Francis, I have gained so much knowledge from my visits not to mention how much better I feel…I have learned so much about my body. How eating and sleeping affects my body. Thank you SO much. You are amazing.”

~ Aneta S.

Detox protocol helped almost immediately

I am 22 years old. Last year I suddenly experienced joint pain, extremely swollen lymph nodes, body aches and exhaustion. I thought it may have been from a spider bite I had gotten. I went to three doctors who ran tests and didn’t find anything abnormal on the tests. Then I saw Dr. Stacey. She explained to me how toxins can try to process through your liver and if they can’t then they re-circulate. What I didn’t realize was that the house I was living in was leaking carbon monoxide right underneath my bedroom. Once discovered, the leak was immediately fixed and
Dr. Stacey’s detox protocol helped almost immediately. The joint pain went away, as did my body aches and exhaustion, and my lymph nodes slowly decreased in size. Dr. Stacey made me realize how important it is to take care of my body and I have been doing so ever since. I am very grateful.

~ Danielle S.

Behavior charts from his teacher at school have been nearly perfect

Our son, Nick who is now 7 ½ has been extremely active since he’s been a toddler. He started having issues with not being able to sit still as early as preschool. The teachers would give him a fidget item to keep him from disrupting the other children during carpet time. Nick had the same teacher for kindergarten & 1st grade when he started elementary school. We didn’t hear about any significant issues in kindergarten but by 1st grade his teacher was concerned about his behavior and recommended seeing his pediatrician. She was very concerned with his behaviors affecting his relationships with his peers and his academics. She said he had difficulty focusing and attending to a task. Other behaviors she noted were: mouth contortions, humming & other mouth sounds, bouncing, flapping arms, licking hands, rocking back & forth, frequent bathroom breaks (up to 8 times per school day) and shouting out at times. She said he was a very sweet boy & never oppositional or defiant. We noticed similar behaviors she described at home also. Trying to get him to do homework in the evening was a nightmare. He’s been a picky eater and the only vegetables and fruit we could get him to eat were pureed baby vegetables, bananas and applesauce. He seemed to have a big problem with the textures of food, and I had often wondered if he had food allergies.

After taking Nick to his pediatrician, we were given a questionnaire for both my husband and I to fill out along with Nick’s teacher. After she looked at the completed questionnaires, she said Nick had ADHD. It is amazing this is all it takes to be diagnosed: a written questionnaire without even taking any blood work for analysis. His pediatrician recommended putting him on one of the drugs for ADHD. My husband and I believe that instead of masking the negative behavior with drugs (& dealing with very strong & scary side effects), we wanted to find out why he is not able to focus and control his body in the first place. We just knew there was something going on inside that was causing him to react these ways.

About 9 years before this time, I had gone to Dr. Francis for NAET treatments (allergy elimination) in my healing process from numerous chronic pain issues: endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, IBS, migraines. During this time, we discovered I was sensitive to many different foods and discovered I was dealing with parasites. Each week I would work on clearing a new allergen. The treatments were very quick and not painful at all. All I had to do was hold a vial of a food or environmental item while pressing different fingers of my other hand together and Dr. Francis would use something that felt like a massager on my back. It just seemed too simple to work but I had read about other people with similar symptoms as myself using NAET to eliminate allergies which might be playing a part in the cause of their symptoms. I wanted to try it since it seemed so safe. The NAET treatments were an integral part of the healing process I went through 9 years ago and after a year or so of praying & trying alternative & natural ways to heal, I have not suffered pain from endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, IBS or migraines since then. I was able to conceive both my children in my 30’s without a problem (I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 19 after suffering from heavy & painful periods for years). I know going after the cause of the symptoms & not taking drugs to mask the pain is why I enjoy the good health I do now, and I truly hope that more women will explore the many amazing & natural healing processes available before considering any of the drastic procedures that are usually recommended by their physicians. Many years ago I led an endometriosis support group and would be horrified to hear what so many of the women had to endure through the drugs they took which put them into a temporary menopause which many of them said didn’t solve the problem and ended up causing short-term memory issues that they still dealt with years later.

Since I’ve read plenty of times that food allergies may be a big part of ADHD behaviors, I took Nick to Dr. Francis last winter (end of December 2010 through April 2011) to see what his food or environmental allergies might be. He had also developed very bad spring allergies when he was 5, and being stuffed up would keep him up for hours after he went to bed. Since none of the allergy medications did anything for him, we wanted to see if NAET might be able to clear environmental allergies like plants/trees too.

He showed sensitivity to many foods (many of which he ate frequently), lead, mercury, fluoride, trees, and 3 vaccine viruses that he was immunized for when he was younger. He had to stay away from a lot of different foods for 3 or 4 months, but it was all worth it as he would clear each allergen and we would see his behavior change. Dr. Francis also recommended Nick take Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules & acidophilus. We saw improvement in his behavior at home first. We could tell he was becoming calmer and there was less fighting between his sister and himself. He was a lot better in getting his homework done without a big struggle. It took a couple months to see the improvements at school but his teacher started seeing the same improvements and said he was doing much better. Another miraculous change that occurred was that Nick did not suffer from spring allergies at all. The previous spring, he probably spent 5 or 6 weeks stuffed up in the evening but the spring after the NAET treatments (which included being desensitized to trees) he did not suffer from any symptoms at all.
That summer at home with both kids was easier on me than the summer before. Nick was still doing well and able to eat pretty much anything. The first couple of months of 2nd grade were fine & his teacher said during our parent/teacher conference he wasn’t having any behavior issues & he was still doing well. However, that started to change in November when he started receiving very frequent bad behavior marks from his teacher. The behaviors weren’t the same as his kindergarten/1st grade teacher described. They were more in the defiant category of not listening, putting his hands/feet on other classmates, being very social, standing when he was told to sit down, and he was having a great deal of difficulty attending to his work again. His 2nd grade teacher started an Individual Behavior Plan for him. He did marginal at first and then started to have some major issues later on. I suspected that some food sensitivities were coming back, and he seemed behave the worst on the days I fed him eggs for breakfast and gave him yogurt with honey for a snack. He would also have the school milk with lunch.

We decided to return to Dr. Francis, and during the first visit, she was confident we would find something by the way he was acting in her office. We discovered he was sensitive to egg yolk, milk, yogurt, sugar and artificial sweeteners. To our surprise, he was much less food sensitive than we found the year before even though his behavior problems were more pronounced at school. After the first treatment with Dr. Francis for the dairy products, it was like a switch was flipped. Literally, the next day and for several weeks since, his behavior charts from his teacher at school have been nearly perfect – completely opposite of the previous several months, and we have witnessed the same changes at home! We now get remarks on his charts like “Fantastic Day” or “Another wonderful day” in the few weeks since returning to Dr. Francis. You can see a visible difference in his body. He doesn’t have the funny shutter or shaking that he would do with his hands and feet anymore, and mannerisms like this can easily be labeled “ADHD” or “autism” while putting the burden to prove otherwise on the parents. Nick is now so much more calm and able to focus. It’s almost like he has instantly matured in a matter of days and is helpful and considerate. He and his sister are playing much better together.

Dr. Francis recommended L-Glutamine to heal his gut since we discovered his gut didn’t completely heal last year since the dairy & sugar issue reoccurred. He’s been clearing the allergens quickly and is a great trooper on his temporary dairy & sugar-free diet. He loves going to Dr. Francis’ office and actually was disappointed that we didn’t get to stay longer at the last appointment. He giggles when she’s desensitizing him for an allergen. She’s excellent with kids, and we are very thankful for what she has done for my entire family.

~ Sue S.

Arthritis no longer causing continuous pain

I have never done a detox before because it sounded so long, but decided I could do 10 days. If it got me off one Pepsi a day and chocolate habit, I would be happy.
After completing these 10 days I would highly recommend it to everyone. I have not had a carbonated drink, not a candy bar of any kind and lost eight pounds. I’m eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. I can better tell when I’ve had enough to eat and when I need to eat because of hunger.

However, the absolute best outcome was on day 16 when I become conscious the arthritis was no longer causing my hands continuous pain. Thinking back I realized they hadn’t really hurt in over a week. Continuing to add food back into my diet, I paid attention to how my hands felt the next morning. If they ached, I waited a few days and tried that food again. If it happened a second time, I removed that item from my diet. The arthritis still causes problems, but my hands no longer continuously ache.

~ Mary M

Frozen shoulder heals fast

I first met Dr. Francis when she was treating my husband Bob for a lower back injury. At home, he could barely move, so he spent most of his day lying on his back. Dr. Francis’ chiropractic treatment was the only treatment he received, and he was back to normal in about a week.

It has to be at least ten years ago that I had a frozen shoulder. I couldn’t reach behind me or couldn’t even zip pants with a side zipper. My doctor told me I needed physical therapy, so I went for two months, and my shoulder got better. Later that year, I started experiencing the same problem, so I went for more physical therapy, but this time it was different- I was also seeing Dr. Francis. The physical therapists couldn’t believe how fast my injury was healing and there has been no recurrence. While I’m sure that the physical therapy was of some benefit, I’m convinced that I owe the major part of my recovery to Dr. Francis’ treatment.

~ Diana M.

Saving Money and Time

Dr. Stacey, Choosing you was definitely the best decision I could have made, probably avoiding extensive and costly testing to get to the bottom of my health issues. You diagnosed the gluten and dairy sensitivities from the get-go and set me on a dietary plan to get my digestive system working and feeling good and I will forever be grateful.

~Karen Rosasco