Anti-Aging, Improved Circulation and Restful Sleep

We have some exciting news!!

Our clinic will now be offering a new therapy that focuses on anti-aging, improved circulation and healthy sleep with Eileen Harryvan, a BEMER Therapy practitioner. This month we are posting about this amazing cutting-edge technology that can help many different health issues.

Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, or BEMER, uses pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) to increase blood circulation in the small blood vessels of the circulatory system. This increases the transportation of nutrients and oxygen more readily throughout the body as well as moves waste out of the system.

Approved as a Class I medical device by the FDA for the following:

  • Improved circulation/blood flow
  • Increased nutrient supply and waste disposal
  • Better cardiac function
  • Improved physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy level
  • Heightened concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation

Europe has used it in clinical settings like hospitals and clinics for over 15 years with great success.

Although used with success for anxiety, depression, ADD, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue, Dr. Stacey chose to bring it into Specific Wellness for its success in improving sleep and healing injuries and wounds.

Although it has minimal contraindications for use, our clinic is choosing to not use it on pregnant clients due to the lack of research in this area. Nor on patients who are on immunosuppressants for tissue or organ grafts or bone marrow transplants. It can safely be used with all implants.

What you can expect to feel

  • Relaxation and lowered blood pressure
  • Increased perspiration due to detoxification properties
  • A decrease in pain and tension

Click here for more information on BEMER therapy

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