Bedwetting and Overactive Bladder: When Pee Won’t Stay Put

It’s Time For Dry

Bedwetting in kids and Overactive Bladder in adults have a lot in common, read on to discover what they are and how to resolve these issues for good.

Identify Food Sensitivities

When your immune system is on overdrive your body will misbehave. That is what happens when you consume foods that your body targets as “the enemy”. These are called food sensitivities and when you have them, tissues can over-contract very much like the feeling you get when you get a charlie-horse in your leg.

That’s right, tissues can spasm and they do.

There are a few ways to identify food sensitivities:

Elimination Diet: Gold standard but it takes a long time to identify the foods you are sensitive to.

Blood Tests: Sometimes helpful but riddled with false positives and false negatives.

Muscle Testing with Dr. Stacey: I have been using this method for over 30 years with great success.


Remove Gluten…Completely!

Gluten is the most irritating of all foods.

Dr. Alessio Fasano, MD, states, “Unlike other proteins, we don’t digest gluten completely… In some people, the immune system sees gluten as the enemy and will unleash weapons to attack it, causing inflammation in the intestines as well as in other organs and tissues.”

Gluten is a category of food that consists of:





and sometimes Oats

Get Evaluated and Adjusted

A study of 21 patients with urinary incontinence were evaluated and corrected for muscle imbalances in the lumbar spine, pelvis, and pelvic floor.


Symptoms of urinary incontinence resolved in 10 patients, improved significantly in 7 cases, and slightly improved in 4 cases.

When you come into my clinic I put your comfort first.

I use muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to identify imbalances. This allows both you and I to clearly see what is out of balance. You then have a choice of different techniques to correct the imbalances found.

It is comfortable and safe…for kids and adults alike.


Avoid Medications That Cause Dementia

We all know medications have side effects. It’s up to you to decide if its worth the risk.

Unfortunately for those that suffer from incontinence and overactive bladder, the most commonly prescribed medication has a serious side effect.

Anticholinergic drugs work by blocking neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

Dementia and other serious cognitive issues have been linked to these drugs when used long-term.

Use Topical Magnesium

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant.

It is a mineral needed for almost every biochemical reaction and we are often deficient. Even if you eat a plant based diet, our soil is so overly tilled that our plants don’t provide the amount of minerals needed by the body.

Taking magnesium supplements can help many conditions from muscle aches to insomnia. Migraines to anxiety.

When you have a specific tissue you want to relax, like the bladder, using topical magnesium may be the way to go.

You can rub 1/4 teaspoon of magnesium oil or lotion on the skin over your bladder which is just above your pubic bone.

The magnesium absorbs and can help relax the bladder.

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