The Courtship of Detox and Earth Day

Maintaining the health of our bodies and the health of the earth go hand-in-hand. God-made food benefits our planet and us where man-made food often does not. Protecting the earth and our water systems is what allows the earth, and us, to survive.

Following are a few examples of how detoxing our bodies also benefits the earth and vice versa.

Even at its inception in the 40’s, experts warned that the overuse of antibiotics would eventually cause the organisms that they target to develop resistant strains. We now know that this is true. Superbugs like MRSA and C. diff. are prime examples of these resistant strains. The over-prescription of antibiotics for humans and livestock, the improper use of antibiotics and the plethora of antibiotic products in soap, toothpaste and specially treated surfaces have all contributed to the problem. Using plant and herb extracts are just as effective, if not more so.

Plastics are most certainly ruining the planet. Due to the amount that we create and that their shelf life is practically forever there just isn’t enough room on earth for all of the plastics we dispose of. They are not good for our bodies either. BPA’s, Parabens, and Phthalates are compounds that are commonly found in plastics and have been discovered in can linings, lotions, cosmetics, and body products. They can harm the glands of the body like the thyroid, pancreas, ovary and testes. Called endocrine disruptors, they can contribute to diabetes, inability to lose weight, hormone imbalances, and cancer. Glass, stainless steel, and natural body products are far better for our bodies and the planet.

When we purchase organic products we are avoiding genetically modified organisms and a dangerous chemical called glyphosate. Originally used as Agent Orange, glyphosate is a neurotoxin that’s use has been repurposed to combat agricultural pests. Just like antibiotics, the overuse of glyphosate has created super-pests. These super-pests have become resistant to the efforts working to destroy them and they, in turn, destroy the crops. Quite a pickle, isn’t it? Although organic farmers also use substances on their crops to protect them, it is required that those substances are derived from natural material. It is important that you always wash produce before eating it, even if you purchase organic.

What practices do you embrace to protect your health and the planet?

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