Eliminate Pain and Anxiety with CBD Oil: Gummies, Capsules, Oil…Oh My!

CBD from hemp oil is being used by doctors around the world to help treat pain and anxiety. The opioid epidemic is pushing people to find safer alternatives and CBD oil may be one of them.

Some lesser publicized benefits

  • High in Omega 3’s (no mercury that can be found in some fish oils)
  • Source of DHA for brain health
  • Source of GLA for hormone balance (PMS and menstrual cramping)
  • Encourages healthy gut flora
  • Topically, a good skin moisturizer

The debate

There is some debate as to whether it is better to take an isolated version of CBD or a whole plant version. At the time of this writing, I am leaning towards the whole plant version and this is why. The whole plant also contains a substance called terpenes. Terpenes act like cannabinoids in your body because they bind to cannabinoid receptors. They won’t get you high (like THC) or have quite the same medicinal effects (like CBD), but they do have healing properties.

Benefits of terpenes

  • Help boost your immune system
  • Antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effect on the body
  • Improvement of many metabolic processes like digestion and respiration due to improved mobility of molecules across cell membranes.

The downside of cannabidiols

CBD can cause dry mouth and may inhibit the liver’s ability to break down medication that you might be taking. THC can cause anxiety and paranoia. Don’t let this scare you off, the benefits of CBD are so great that you don’t need to have THC to reap the benefits of cannabidiols. If you are on medication, work with a knowledgeable functional medicine doctor that has the ability to monitor your medications and evaluate if CBD oil is right for you.

The different forms

There are multiple ways to take CBD. There are capsules, balm, vaping, edibles, like gummies, and there is oil. The doctors I have talked to and the doctors that I follow lean toward the oil form. Even the patients that come in having used CBD oil have shown the most improvement in symptoms from the oil. If there is joint pain or skin issues I would, of course, lean toward using the balm or the oil topically.


Always work with a physician, start small and work your way up. That way if you have any side effects you can discuss it and/or discontinue use.

Is it legal?

CBD oil is legal depending on where it is sourced.
Although Marijuana is recently legal now in Canada and Michigan, it is still illegal federally so you will not be able to purchase it through our office at this time.

Dr. Stacey

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