Have A Sweet Holiday

Entertaining season is here and I wanted you to have a recipe that would be good for sharing without the refined sugar and artificial colors. Not only is it quick and delicious but it shows how versatile a sweetener you will find dates to be. I have used dates in making caramel sauce and sweetening carrot cake.

Delicious Dates

Dates provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for digestion, detoxification, and brain function. Fiber, potassium, copper, and magnesium are some of the nutrients that can be found in dates.

Muscle Cramp Magic

If you have been in my clinic to be muscle tested you will know that if there is any cramping when I’m testing I will mention that muscle cramps are an indication of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. If you get leg cramps at night magnesium deficiency should be your first thought.

Anxiety Eraser

Anxiety is another symptom of low magnesium. Replenish your magnesium stores and not only should your anxiety lessen but you will probably sleep better as well. Of course, magnesium deficiency is not the only reason for anxiety and insomnia but it is a safe start to rule out.

No Junk

This is a simple recipe that avoids the common additives like artificial flavors and colors that are everywhere during the holidays. Holiday mint and pumpkin spice are common artificial flavors of the season in addition to the bright holiday colors that are beautiful to look at but dangerous to eat.

What to Add?

Feel free to add your own healthy additives like black cherries, pecans or chocolate chips. I’m not going to recommend adding any plant material that just recently became legal in Canada and Michigan but they are brownies after all and the next two blog posts we will cover that curious herb. Just keep in mind that Marijuana use remains illegal and fully criminalized according to federal law.

Get the printable version of the recipe HERE.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Dr. Stacey

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