A Healthy Start Checklist for the New Year

I love fresh starts. When it comes to your health and wellness, what are your goals for this year? (Take this 9 question survey). I mostly hear from patients that weight loss, better-eating habits, and more exercise are at the top of their list. With your permission, I’d like to help you with your goals by sharing this healthy start checklist.

My health and wellness goals this year:

  • Discover what Pilates can do for me
  • Continue to eat a low carb, moderate protein, and higher healthy fat diet, but also decrease dairy.
  • Pay more attention to my posture
  • Decrease my use of electronics
  • Watch my lab work and work with my functional medicine doctor in order to keep on track with my goals

Your Healthy Start Checklist:

  • If you have had lab work done in the last year, share it with me.
  • If you are due to have labs, let’s sit down and discuss your symptoms in order to run the right tests
  • Schedule a detox (We offer safe and effective 10 and 28 day detox programs. You shouldn’t feel like hell during a detox)
  • Schedule monthly chiropractic care (If your nervous system is working, so will everything else)
  • Chose an exercise program you can do consistently (If you are in too much pain to exercise regularly, talk to me about alternative forms of exercise)
  • Make a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night (work with me if you have difficulty falling or staying asleep)
  • Choose a healthy downtime activity that helps you relax and boost your immune system (stress causes inflammation and lowers immunity)
  • Evaluate if your eating habits allow you to achieve your health and wellness goals (let me help you change them if they don’t)
  • Have your supplements muscle tested and/or lab tested every month to every few months (to ensure you are taking what you need for optimal health)
Please take this 9 question survey so I can provide information for you about your specific health concerns in future posts.

As we reflect on last year, let’s acknowledge and celebrate what we have done. Let us learn from the past, forgive ourselves if necessary, correct our sails where we’ve missed the mark and be ready for what’s next as we welcome in 2018. Charge!


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