Hello Beauty

If you want the skin and hair of your dreams, we put together our signature beauty kit to help you on your way.

The supplements include: An easy to absorb, low carb (<1g) collagen which is a protein that acts like glue to hold the tissues of your body together. The antioxidant powerhouse vitamin A. A hydrating omega oil and a choice of a detox medical food or supplement.


CollaGen: Hydrates your skin, minimizes fine lines and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It also promotes hair growth, skin elasticity and skin hydration. Take one scoop in beverage of choice once or twice a day.


Bio AE Mulsion: A powerful antioxidant with vitamins A and E, it can decrease inflammation from skin conditions such as acne, helps heal scars and sores, protects against environmental damage and when used topically can help fade age spots. Take one drop a day.


EPA DHA 720: An omega oil blend that lowers inflammation, can protect against sun damage and reduce sensitivity to UV rays. It can also help prevent or reduce acne, improve skin hydration and may increase hair growth while decreasing hair loss. Take one gelcap twice a day. (Avoid if on blood thinners)


UC Renew or Advaclear (pick one)

UltraClear Renew: Skin is your biggest detox organ and detoxification can improve your skin health and appearance. This medical food and program will support the kidneys and liver to remove harmful toxins that your body is exposed to daily. It will help you identify food sensitivities, and provides the nutrients needed to promote healing of all tissues including your skin and hair. Follow program guidelines that are included at time of purchase.


Advaclear : This is an easy detox support for those who already have great habits of healthy food choices don’t smoke or drink alcohol and avoid sugar. These capsules support detoxification from a toxic environment that everyone is exposed to daily. Take once capsule twice a day.

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