Help me breathe

I heard them before I saw them. As I walked into the waiting room there were three rambunctious kids under the age of 7 climbing all over the chairs…and one tired mom.

“Hi N,” I said. I had met 6 year old N a month ago when his mom brought him in to me with symptoms of asthma and allergies. Sneezing, itching, rashes, coughing and breathing difficulties were among his struggles. Behavior was another.

He was a great muscle tester. His thin little body had great muscle tone and we were able to use his own muscles to test as opposed to surrogate testing through his mom. He had a few misalignments that were also contributing to his issues and we quickly and painlessly corrected them. The muscle testing showed a sensitivity to milk, cheese, whey, yogurt, gluten, soy and corn.

“He will need to stay off these foods for a while,” I told mom. She understood the importance of it even as she struggled to figure out how to do it with two other kids without dietary restrictions.

One month later when I saw N for a follow up, they had an interesting story to tell. “I can’t wait to tell you this,” Mom started. “For two weeks we had N avoiding his sensitivities completely. Then we were invited to a pizza party. Seeing all those kids happily eating pizza and cheese sticks was too much. Cheese sticks are his favorite. I let him eat just one. It was amazing. In minutes he started getting a rash on his face then the sneezing and coughing started and then the asthma symptoms. I gave him some Benadryl and a breathing treatment and he was better, but I was blown away by his reaction. We have kept him off the foods for the last two weeks and he is doing so much better, even with his behavior.”

I can’t tell you how often this situation comes through my door. We have started the allergy elimination technique on N and I look forward to sharing the results we get. Until then, he will be off the foods he is sensitive to and on supplements that will help him repair the leaky gut that is contributing to the situation.

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