Italian Wedding Soup

The month of March gives us hope that spring is around the corner but if you are like us, and live in Michigan, it can still be wintery cold. This recipe is a favorite of my family and I make it almost every week in the wintertime. It is also an excellent soup to take to a potluck. It’s that good!

Ancient History

My favorite part about it is that it is chock full of oregano. Originally grown in Greece, oregano was named “joy of the mountain” with some ties to the Goddess Aphrodite. Delicious and easy to grow, its use has spread all over the world.

Where in the World?

As far back as the middle ages, oregano was identified for it’s healing properties. It helped with joint pain, toothaches, indigestion, and coughs. In China, oregano was used for fever, stomach aches, and vomiting. We use oregano now as a strong antibacterial and anti-fungal. It’s rich in antioxidants and is also a great anti-inflammatory.

In a Bottle

We have a product on our shelves called Candibactin AR. It has 100mg of oregano per softgel. It is great for digestive or respiratory conditions and, because of its antifungal properties, it is a good supplement to take to combat candida or yeast overgrowth. It is also effective for chronic coughs. You can find it on our shelves or through our website. Please consider coming in for an appointment and get muscle tested first.

So Effective

We do a test in our office called GI Effects by Genova Diagnostics. It is a stool analysis that looks for inflammation in the bowel, bacteria, parasites, and other creepy crawlies. When it detects a bug that is harmful to the body, the lab will also list the natural and pharmaceutical products that the organism is either sensitive or resistant too. You don’t want to take an antibiotic or a supplement that is ineffective in killing off the bug. You want to take something that has a good chance of working. In addition to the antibiotics like Cipro and Amoxicillin, oregano is on that list, it is that effective.

So this month, partake in some delicious healing Italian Wedding Soup and let me know your favorite soup recipe. Download the recipe HERE.

Happy Slurping,

Dr. Stacey

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