It’s Father’s Day! A Month for the Papas

It’s no wonder that we celebrate Father’s Day in the month of June. It’s the time for golf and tennis and grilling. This month we are going to share great deals for dad, a BBQ recipe, a common sports injury handbook, and healthy solutions to those, discrete, manly problems.

Let’s start with some great deals.

Sometimes the men in our lives need some incentive to keep themselves healthy so we are offering $20.00 off an appointment with Dr. Francis if scheduled in the month of June (one per person, some restrictions apply). You can get it as a gift certificate for a healthy Father’s Day gift, too.

Dear Dad, You can use this gift certificate to:

Get an adjustment to resolve your achy shoulder, elbow, or knee. In addition to that, we will include exercises to help maintain function in the offending joint.

Get an adjustment to shave a few points off your golf game. Yes, it can do that. Just think of the power generated from a body that is in balance.

Get taped with Kinesio-tape to help stabilize an unstable shoulder or knee.

Make an appointment for some much overdue blood work. We can do a traditional blood work panel that screens for diabetes and anemia’s, liver dysfunction and blood sugar problems, cholesterol imbalance and prostate problems.

Come in for an appointment to do blood work to investigate heart function and cholesterol particles. Did you know that there is a test that looks at many aspects of heart health like inflammation, genetic predisposition, whether the cholesterol you have is the big, fluffy safe kind or the dangerous and insidious small kind and your likelihood of getting muscle dysfunction from a statin drug?

Come in for an appointment to do blood work to discover chemical exposure, toxin exposure, and nutrient balance.

Come in for an appointment to review the supplements that you are on or may be needed.

With so many reasons to come in, why wait? It’s time to celebrate our men.

Call 248-213-1332 to obtain a gift certificate that we can mail to you or to the man of the month

or you can book an appointment online at and note that is for the Father’s Day deal.

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