Maintain and Improve Bone Health

Maintain and Improve Bone Health

Whether you are wanting strong bones as you get older, have thinning bones (osteopenia) or have a significant loss of bone (osteoporosis), this is the protocol for you.

Osteo-Mins AM

Bone Builder

D35000 K2

Minerals are the keys to strong bones. In this supplement combination you have calcium in a natural, absorbable form (MCHC), Magnesium, phosphorus and strontium (of which there are many studies showing its importance in bone preservation and improvement).

You have vitamin D3 to help mobilize calcium in the blood stream and vitamin K2 to escort the calcium out of the blood vessels and into the bones and teeth.

This is so important because studies have shown that calcium alone can contribute to higher calcium levels in the blood vessels that can lead to heart disease in some women who were not already taking calcium with vitamin D and K.

Take Osteo-Mins AM in the morning and Bone Builder with Magnesium in the evening because taking strontium and calcium together will have them compete for receptor sites and that will reduce their effectiveness. Take the Vitamin D with K at any time.

Get your vitamin D levels and your calcium levels checked regularly (every 6 months to a year)

Optimal levels of vitamin D is between 65-75.

Optimal levels of calcium is under 9.9.


In addition to the supplements in the protocol, bones need strain to maintain.

Strength training and walking help keep bone healthy.

Try to lift weights three to four times a week and walk 7000-10,000 steps everyday.

If you have osteoporosis add one more supplement. It is called Ostera by Metagenics. It has vitamins D an K but it also has Reduced Iso-Alpha Acids Complex
or RIAA.

RIAA helps improve bone mineral density and decreases the risk of fracture.

You don’t have to navigate this alone. Come for a visit and we will work on improving your bone health together.

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