Nut Encrusted Salmon with Lemon Sauce

The protective qualities of omega 3 oils are well documented. Here is a recipe to reap the benefits from them from savory wild-caught salmon and crunchy walnuts or other nuts. Topped with a smooth and creamy lemon sauce, this dish is not just good for you but absolutely delicious.

Salmon is the bomb! Walnuts too!

The benefits of super-foods salmon and walnuts overlap. There are many benefits from eating salmon but make sure that you buy wild-caught and not farm-raised. Farm-raised salmon are fed corn and soy products that are high in omega 6 oils. The American diet is often much higher in omega 6 oils than omega 3 oils. This imbalance leads to inflammation in the body that can cause pain, weight gain, and illness.

So So Good…

Salmon is a great source of protein and easily digestible. For bellies that have a hard time digesting either from a lack of enzymes, a microbiome imbalance or food sensitivities, salmon is gentle on the GI tract. Chock full of brain-balancing B vitamins, salmon can help keep anxiety in check. The omega 3 oils in salmon and walnuts help to reduce inflammation in the body, keep your eyes healthy and increase HDL production to protect blood vessels. They are also good for your brain. Helping prevent age-related decline, improving cognitive function and being brain-protective are just a few of the ways walnuts and salmon help keep your brain happy and healthy.

Good Fats!

Don’t be afraid of the fat content in this dish. The good oils in salmon and walnuts are something to run to, not run from. Even the butter in the lemon sauce is a good form of healthy fat if the butter is from organic grass-fed cows. In fact, the fat content in this dish helps keep you satiated which can prevent you from craving high sugar desserts and snacks.

Let me know if you whip up this fishy favorite. Download the recipe HERE.


Dr. Stacey

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