Online Scheduling: Tweaking As We Go.

I hope you are all doing well as we move into the fall season. It is certainly trying in the time of Covid, isn’t it?

On the family front, Benjamin is moving into his first apartment as he starts his senior year at MSU. So exciting!! He will graduate with a degree in political theory and finance. Noah is entering his first year at Oakland University. Equally exciting!! He is exploring his options as he takes his general studies. Tim has been looking for a cottage up north for his favorite pastime, fishing. We came so close to buying on Lake James in Prudenville, but there was a reason it was so affordable. So back to the drawing board.

Our office has been busy taking care of patients and moving into the age of technology.

We have switched from using paper charts to electronic health records. The system we are using has an online scheduling program that some people are having issues with, specifically when they try to schedule on their cell phones.

We believe the glitch has been fixed but if you come into a problem scheduling on your cell phone, please try clearing the cache and let us know if you have any further problems.

Clearing the cache of your phone before booking your next appointment:

Here is how to do that based on the phone you have:




If you are still having issues, save the below link for your favorites.
We appreciate your patience as we all adjust to our new booking platform.
Looking forward to seeing you,
Dr. Stacey

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