Simple Solutions For the 5 Most Common Golf Injuries

If it’s golf season, it’s also golf injury season. When the snow disappears and the greens dry up, I know to expect golfers coming through my clinic. It could be the one who has binge-watched all their favorite Netflix shows during those cold winter months. Suddenly they can’t stand up straight after golfing 18 holes.  It could be the one whose grip was so tight that their hand has been numb for a week. It could be the one who thought the water hazard was a lot shallower and ended up with a knee pain. Or it could be someone who just wants to shave a few strokes off their game.

I love to help golfers with all of these situations (and I really love it when they tell their golf buddies who it was that helped them). Let’s face it, there are times when you are lying in bed at night, and you just want a simple solution to your golf-related pain. Today I am sharing my handbook of “Simple Cures for Common Golf Injuries”. Whether you are just picking up a club for the first time or you are able to name the top 100 golf courses in the United States, this handbook is for you. If you are a tennis player, a lacrosse player, or a ping pong player, this handbook is for you, too. And if you appreciate the handbook but you would rather see a professional who can relieve your pain and improve your golf game, schedule an appointment here

If you would like to share with me your favorite remedy for golf-related injuries reply to this post. I’m always looking to widen my repertoire of injury solutions, golf or otherwise.

Relief is just a click away.

To download your copy of Dr. Stacey’s Simple Cures for Common Golf Injuries, click HERE.

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