Spring Allergies: Supplements

If your allergy medication is making you so sleepy that you are falling in your soup at lunchtime, read on for some more natural solutions without the post med slump.

There are many supplements that can help with allergy symptoms. You might even suggest some to me that have helped you so that I can expand on my list. The supplements that I’m sharing with you here have a great track record with my patients so they are my “go to” allergy relief supps.

Natural D Hist by Orthomolecular Labs and Sinuplex by Metagenics

Natural D Hist and Sinuplex are natural antihistamines. They contain stinging nettle which is a known histamine blocker. These products are very effective and are safe for adults and children. It doesn’t cause drowsiness like many over the counter allergy medications do. They also contain bromelain which is a natural anti-inflammatory from pineapple and N-acetyl cysteine which supports the nasal and sinus tissues.

Nazonal by Metagenics

Nazonal is a blend of Chinese herbs that are helpful for drippy noses and sinuses. It is so helpful for drying out the tissues that you only have to use it for a short period of time. It also has astragalus which is a natural antimicrobial. In other words, it can help if your symptoms are due to a nasal or sinus infection as well.

Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

This is one of my all-time favorite sinus support items. Did you know that chronic sinus infections are typically fungal in nature? It’s true. In fact, the more you throw antibiotics at chronic sinus infections, the more likely it is or will become a fungal infection that antibiotics not only don’t help with but can cause the condition to worsen. The New York Times just had a front page article on the new super fungi that are cropping up from overuse of antibiotics. Scary stuff!

All these supplements can be found at our clinic. The supplements from Metagenics can be purchased directly from our website under nutritional supplements under the resource tab. I always recommend that you come in for a visit to be muscle tested to determine your need and dosage.

Adios allergies,

Dr. Stacey

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