Spring Cleaning. It’s Time for the 10 Day Detox

Once we start shedding our winter attire we start visioning our summer bodies. The desserts of the holidays are long past. The new season is full of the promise of fresh fruits, vegetables, barbecue, and salads. Hopefully, a lot of salads. Detoxing is a way to be out with the old and in with the new. New foods, new clothes, and new healthy habits. Our 10-day detox and some personal, in-office guidance will help you get started.


You may be interested in our 10-day detox if you…

  • are tired
  • have brain fog
  • have skin Issues
  • suffer from allergies
  • deal with stomach aches
  • don’t know how to restart healthy habits
  • want to figure out what foods make you feel good


In 10 days you may…

  • identify what is causing your symptoms
  • regain mental clarity
  • rediscover your energetic self
  • have clearer skin
  • discover healthy habits that work for your lifestyle
  • fall in love with food that makes you feel good

Detoxification is…

…clearing the way for your liver and kidneys to work optimally in identifying, binding, and carrying away toxins, waste products, chemicals, and debris that no longer serve your body. This process also includes providing the appropriate fuel required to carry these actions out.


The 10 Day Detox is a Jump-Start

The 10-day detox is a periodic reboot for those who are already practicing good, healthy habits. Habits like drinking plenty of filtered water, exercising regularly, managing stress, and eating a God-made based diet. A diet of whole foods, heavy on plants, moderate on protein, and light on carbohydrates with a healthy dose of good fats. For everyone else, it’s a jump-start. We also offer a 28-day detox for those who need a longer program, a slower detox, more support, less healthy habits, or have more severe health conditions.

This program uses a product and supplements that enable the body to detox safely and slowly to avoid the headaches, nausea, and gut disturbances of most other detox programs. That doesn’t mean that you are not eating food. There are plenty of food choices to accompany the medical food. You will find that list of foods and recipes in the guidebook.


The How-To

The first step is the Questionnaire which you can find here

If you have a score <50, the 10 Day Detox may be adequate for you.

If you have a score >50, the 28 Day Detox would be more appropriate.


The Consult

This is the most important step. Come in for a consult. We need to review the conditions you have, the medication you are on, your family history and the safety of going on a detox as well as to pick one that is specifically for you. It would be negligent on my part and not wise on your part to proceed with a detoxification program without being supervised by a trained physician. Don’t skip this step!

This program uses medical foods for optimal results and safety. Unlike dietary supplements, the law stipulates that medical foods be used under the ongoing supervision of a healthcare practitioner. This is because patients who use medical foods typically have health conditions that require medical oversight to ensure that the right amount is administered and adjusted as needed.


Next, gather your supplies:

This Medical Food Taken as directed

This liver support 

This probiotic 1 capsule a day

This essential fatty acid blend

This Vitamin D

This Guide and the foods that it lists

(You can also get a kit that contains the 10-day supply of the medical food and liver support plus a shaker bottle, program guide and webinar access here)

(You can also get a kit that contains the 28-day supply of the medical food and liver support plus a shaker bottle, program guide and webinar access here)

Then, set your self up powerfully and prepare

One week before the detox remove all caffeine and alcohol from your diet. Take two weeks if you feel you need to do this gradually. This will rule out withdrawal if you get any symptoms of detoxing too quickly. You can always slow the program down if it makes you feel poorly. Consult with your trained physician immediately if this occurs.

Make sure you have stocked your house with all the foods available to you from the list in the guidebook.

Prepare meals ahead of time like the soups or chili found in the guidebook.

And finally, Just Do It!

Follow the program guide so you know what to eat on which days.

Take your supplements and medical food.

Drink plenty of water, preferably filtered.

When the program is over retake the questionnaire and share the results with me. If you are still struggling with symptoms, allow me to help.

Welcome to spring and happy detoxing!

Dr. Stacey

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