The Science and Wizardry of Muscle Testing

Muscle testing, or kinesiology, is a wonderful way to evaluate the body. I use it to determine imbalances in the structural, biochemical, and psyche systems of the body. It’s so extraordinary that it deserves some press. If you have ever been a patient of mine you will have had a first-hand experience in how remarkable it is, when a strong muscle suddenly goes weak with only very subtle influences.

A Patient Case


I had a young man come into the clinic recently. He was experiencing inflammatory bowel disease. We established some very strong muscles that when tested against resistance truly were not going anywhere. They were strong and wouldn’t budge when I put pressure against them. Once we found a set of muscles that were consistently strong against any force I put on them we, proceeded to perform two sets of testing.

Food Sensitivity Testing

First, I placed different vials of food substances, one at a time, in his palm and rechecked the strong muscle. If the muscle became weak in the presence of that food we put that food on the “do not eat” list. If he stayed strong in its presence, I allowed him to continue eating it. This is one of four tests we use to screen for food sensitivities. The others are scratch tests, blood tests, and avoidance/reintroduction.

Therapy Localization

For the second set of tests, we had him place his fingers over his stomach (like an antenna) in a variety of places. Only one place, in particular, caused his strong muscles to go weak. We tested that in many different ways but it stayed consistent. Then we exposed him to a variety of nutritional supplements that are known for their restorative properties for the intestinal tract. The supplements that were in his electromagnetic field (against his body) when his weak muscles regained their strength, I prescribed. The ones that didn’t, weren’t. This is were the “specific” of Specific Wellness is important. By striving for the specific needs of the body we can be more effective and efficient in helping it heal.

Come One, Come All

If you’ve ever wanted your friends or family to understand the craziness of the muscle testing that makes a world of difference for you, but gets you quizzical looks when you try to explain it…now’s your chance.

Bring them to your next appointment and ask me to give them a demonstration. I’d be happy to blow their minds

To your strength,

Dr. Stacey

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