The (Toxic) Town That Didn’t Know

You don’t think twice about breathing the air or drinking the water in your home, work or school…and you shouldn’t have to, but the people of Flint Michigan, Woodbridge New Jersy, Kotzebue Alaska, Centralia Pensylvania, and now Woodbridge New Jersy found out that they do. They didn’t know that there were toxins in their environment that greatly impaired the health of them and their neighbors.

Sadly, toxins are everywhere. But you can make your environment safer.

Here are 4 ways you can reduce your toxin exposure:


Watch your Water

  • Buy a water filter for your house. Clean water to drink is vital for our health. Make sure you get a water filtration system that is of good quality and has a carbon filter. The Environmental Working Group has some suggestions here.
  • Do not drink from plastic water bottles. Bisphenol A or BPA is a know toxin and is found in plastics and cans. Instead use glass or stainless steel water bottles with the filtered water from your home. Don’t be fooled by “BPA-Free” labels, we now know that these plastics are just as harmful as BPA.


Clean your Air

  • New furniture, cabinetry, carpeting and others can emit toxins. This is called out-gassing. Items that are stain-resistant, flame-retardant or have a scent or smell to them are most likely toxic. You can get low-VOC  paint but even your plastic shower curtain has toxic VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Using a HEPA filter can help decrease the toxins in the air by trapping toxic particles. They come in many sizes and forms and you can even get vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.


Wash Up

  • The toxins in anti-bacterial soap are harmful and contribute to antibiotic-resistant super-bugs. Avoid using anti-bacterial soap and use plain soap and water instead.
  • When buying shampoo and conditioner choose the ones that are free of harmful parabans and phthalates.
  • Take your shoes off at the door to prevent tracking in all kinds of yuk that is better left outside.


Detox your Body


Be safe out there

Dr. Stacey

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