Tired and Crampy? Hydrate with Electrolytes

Tired and Crampy? Hydrate with Electrolytes

Hydration isn’t just about drinking water, it’s also replenishing essential minerals called electrolytes.

You know you need electrolytes if you exercise to the point of sweating, sweat for any other reason, drink a good amount of coffee or alcohol, get leg cramps or muscle cramps or have diarrhea (I know, ewww, yuk 🀒 πŸ’© and unfortunate for many people)

Proper hydration is one of the main focuses in The Supercharged Method. If your energy is lagging and you are looking to lose weight you will want to drink water and water with electrolytes.

Make sure they don’t have any chemicals or artificial sweeteners. Our favorites in order of most effective for leg cramps are Endura by Metagenics, Catalyte by Thorne Research,Β  and Ultima Replenisher..it just helps water go down so much easier! Our absolute favorite Greens Drink is Rewind Greens and we have it in Cherry and Pineapple (Pineapple is my all time favorite!!) And Bonus…You can use Rewind Greens as a vegetable serving in The Supercharged Method!!!

You can find them all through our clinic.


I know you love your coffee. Did you know that my Supercharged Cleanse participants initially felt that that was the hardest part of the cleanse. I did say, “initially” because once they were off caffeine for a bit, they realized how much they didn’t need it and that the caffeine contributed to fatigue, brain fog, headaches and anxiety. Some of them still haven’t returned to drinking it.

Coffee can deplete you of:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Iron

All of these are vitally important minerals.

Calcium is needed for bone health and strong teeth. It is important for blood clotting if you cut yourself so you don’t bleed out. It is important in regulating the rhythm of your heart because your heart is a muscle and calcium helps with muscle contractions. Calcium is also needed for nerve conduction. As a chiropractic kinesiologist I use muscle testing to determine imbalances. If your nerves are not getting the messages where they need to go we will see that express itself in weak muscles.

Magnesium is one of our favorite minerals because it is vital for almost every biochemical process in the body. We give magnesium when there is muscle tightness, anxiety and constipation. Some magnesium forms are more absorbable than others. If you want to prevent muscle tightness you want a highly absorbable magnesium such as the glycinate form. If you want to alleviate constipation you would choose a from that doesn’t absorb at all and just sits in the colon pulling out water. That form would be magnesium oxide. The citrate form can do a little of both and is widely available.

I find muscle testing to be a great way to identify which form is the best for a body at a particular time so don’t hesitate to come in and get some muscle testing.

A great recipe that provides magnesium and other nutrients plus protein is just in time for spring. Check out our past recipe for lamb and pistachio patties here.Β 

Weakness and cramping can also occur if your potassium level is too low. That is why we hydrate with electrolytes.

One of my colleagues talks more about electrolytes here.Β 

If you are suffering from fatigue, brain fog and weight gain. Mark your calendars for May 17. We will embark on our next Supercharged Cleanse where you can see amazing results in just 10 days while eating delicious food and without starving…I promise! Call us to put you on the list.




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