Tweaking Keto To Work For You

Ketogenic Success

Keto diets have shown to improve many conditions. I have had great success with prescribing a ketogenic diet. Especially for patients with migraines, closed head injuries and blood sugar or cholesterol imbalances. I recommend a plant heavy, healthy fat ketogenic diet. Whether you are following this kind of diet or contemplating it, here are some tweaks that can make your journey go smoothly.

Avoid Toxins 

Our bodies are brilliant. One way that the body shows it’s brilliance is when you are exposed to toxins. The body will store it safely away in your fat stores so you don’t keep it in circulation. There are two problems with this. One, if you are consuming a high-fat diet and those fats are coming from animal sources, guess where they keep their toxins as well? Yep, in their fat. Make sure you are choosing healthy grass fed (and grass finished) organic meats and low toxin wild-caught fish to decrease your exposure. Choosing healthy fats from organic avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil are good options as well. The second problem is that when you lose weight, as you typically do on a ketogenic diet, you will release some of those toxins. Make sure your liver and kidneys are healthy to ensure you release the toxins and do a yearly detoxification program to move out toxins. We have options to test for toxins using specialized labs that can detect heavy metals and chemicals.

Make Sure Your Plumbing Is Working

A healthy gut is also important to ensure the release of toxins. A good probiotic and choosing foods with high fiber, like avocado, can go a long way to ensure a healthy gut. If constipation is a problem, I recommend a supplement of larch arabinogalactans from Thorne Research called Arabinex. It’s a great form of prebiotic fiber. Drink lots of water to ensure healthy kidney function. You can flavor your water with slices of lemon or other fruit and herbs. Drinking pickle juice is a great way to get a healthy dose of electrolytes.

Don’t Skimp On The Veggies

Lastly, since you need all the vitamins and minerals that fruit and vegetables provide, I recommend plenty of low glycemic, above the ground vegetables and one serving of berries a day. Since you are counting net carbs which is total carbs minus fiber, you can fill your plate with a variety of vegetables without going over your carb count.

Keto on!

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