Gosh, When Did I Get So Tired?

“I’m Soooo Tired.”

Unresolved fatigue is one of the main reasons people seek me out. Over the next few posts, I will take you through a patient journey from fatigued to energized.

When fatigue hits you suddenly, we often find the cause quickly.

Things that can make you feel like a bus hit you:

  • A bacterial infection
  • A viral infection
  • Lack of sleep
  • A sudden stressful situation

And sometimes, something more serious can all make you feel like hell. Lucky for you these are often identified early and resolved with antimicrobials (sometimes antibiotics), rest and time.

It’s when the fatigue has gone on for months or years that my patients learn of me. Their doctor, dentist, optometrist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, friends, family or coworkers will drop them my card and say, “She will help you.”

I have a slew of fatigue-identifying and resolving tools up my sleeve in addition to an amazing group of colleagues that I work with and refer to as necessary. When you have me as your physician, you are getting my network of brilliant minds as well.

Once you take the plunge, you will fill out an intake form that will rival the paperwork you had to sign when you purchased your first house. It’s long, really long, but not without reason. My intake form is a systems analysis that asks you related question to almost every organ system from your stomach to your adrenal glands. You don’t even need to know what your adrenal glands are, but when I am asking if your head hits the desk at 3pm, it just may have something to do with them.

So, take some time and know, as you are filling out my ridiculously long intake form, we are starting our journey together to not leave one stone left unturned in discovering why you are so tired and what it will take to regain the energy you are looking for.

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Dr Stacey

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