Updates on Covid-19, Virtual Bonding and Boxes of Fun

How are you faring?

I hope you enjoyed our beautiful Michigan weather this summer and are ready to get creative in wh

at a winter in Michigan can look like in the time of a pandemic. My mission is to keep you all healthy and sane by bringing you lots of great information and some fun events and goodies.

Speaking of goodies…our immune booster packs are selling fast. Pick up yours (or if you are in the Metro-Detroit area we can drop it off) today.




A Virtual Festival and “Rock Your Health” Subscription Box

I’m considering holding a virtual event that brings a variety of health and wellness experts to the table. If you were around when I created the Enrichment and Wellness Festival, think of that… virtually. It would be a way that we could come together as a community this winter from the comfort of our homes.
What topics would you like to see there?Β I’d be speaking on overcoming fatigue.
I have been toying with the idea of a health and wellness subscription box. Called “Rock Your Health Box”. Once a month or once a quarter you would receive a box of 3 to 5 items that will help you reach your health goals…better immunity, healthy heart, brain-ier brain.. you get the idea πŸ™‚
What would you like to see in it?

Covid-19 Update

The vaccine will not be the wonder drug that some people were hoping for, at least not very soon. The first vaccines will take time to roll out. Initially, only some people may have access to them. They haven’t been tested on kids at all and only in a few of the elderly population. To top it off, they may only provide moderate protection.
What is promising though, is monoclonal antibodies. (Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins that bind to the body’s foreign invaders, like bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, and signal the immune system to start fighting.) Up to a million doses may be available by the end of this year. They are still figuring out how to get this out to the mass public but the research on the efficacy looks good.
Find out more about the study here.

My husband just got back from North Carolina to visit his family and he found out that his nephew was being paid quite well to donate his blood for his antibodies, following his bout with Covid.Β Here is some information on that.

I am still advising people to avoid poorly ventilated, indoor environments where many people congregate over timeβ€”weddings, churches, choirs, funerals, restaurants, and suchβ€”especially when there is loud talking or singing without masks.Β In regard to gyms, I recommend going at the least populated times, stay as far away from others as possible and, as uncomfortable as it may be, wear your mask.

Meet Lesile Fiorenzo For Some Inspiration

If you need some inspiring stories to help you through these times and to motivate you to let your brilliance shine, check out my friend, Leslie Fiorenzo’s, website.Β I particularly liked the story of the farmer who was interviewed for his great crops of wheat.

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