We have settled in to our new space and we can’t wait for you to visit. It turned out beautiful. I especially love how the blue walls pulls out the tinge of blue in the carpet and how spacious it all feels.

We are here for you:

For your nutritional needs. We have our cabinets stocked with supplements to support your system on it’s journey to health or to stay there.

For chiropractic needs. Whether you have neck pain, back pain, joint pain or headaches, come in for an adjustment to get your head on straight and everything else in line.

For allergy relief. From desensitization using the famous NAET treatment to natural antihistamines to muscle testing for food sensitivites, we have great natural solutions for your allergies.

For functional medicine answers. We get to the root of the problem using lab work and kinesiology (muslce testing) for answers you have been looking for and solutions to resolve the symptoms you have been struggling with. Including fatigue and brain fog. Watch for my new book which will be published later this year called Supercharged: Your transformation from fatigued to energized.

For fabulous community events. We can’t wait to get more events rolling out this summer. A walk down Lincoln, a picnic in the park, margaritas at Mex restaurant, a shopping adventure at my very favorite place on earth, Trader Joes…and more. If you are not part of our Sister Squad yet, join us at a future event to get a t-shirt and lots of love.


A few things I want you to know about our new fabulous space…

  1. Our building has 6905 in big letters so you can’t miss it. If you are traveling North on Telegraph Road, we are the second driveway on the right, past Lincoln or 14 1/2 mile.
  2. Park in the back of the building. You will see an entrance on the East side of the building at the South end. Come in that door and once you enter, walk forward where you will see a hallway that extends to the right. We are the third suite on the right hand side down that hallway. We just got put up on the building directory today…so exciting!!
  3. If you happen to park in the front of the building you will need to walk down the staircase or find the elevator to the first floor since the front entrance enters on the second floor.
  4. The suite numbers are wonkey in this building so hunt around for us on the first floor, or give our office a call and we will find you and escort you to our suite.
  5. On Sunday the front doors to the building are locked and the only open door is the one in the back. It’s our favorite door anyway πŸ™‚
  6. We have these cute little soaps we had designed by Second ACT Soaps and Such. Come pick one up. The photo is blurry, the logo is not.
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Dr. Stacey

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