The Weirdest Remedy for Cold or Flu

I have been in practice for over 25 years. I have come across some down-right crazy treatments but if it has benefits and doesn’t cause harm I’m willing to give it it’s due. The weirdest remedy for cold and flu that I have experienced has got to be the cold sock treatment.

At the first symptom of cold or flu collect the necessary equipment.

You will need:

A pair of cotton socks (the short ones are easiest to use)

Access to a freezer

A pair of wool socks (ankle length)

A bath of hot water where you can soak your feet comfortably

A quiet house where you can sleep peacefully

First, you arrange the quiet house. For most parents, you will want to do this after all the kids, and maybe even your spouse, are sleeping so as to not disturb you.

Next, you soak the cotton socks in water, ring them out and place them in the freezer.

Then you situate yourself to soak your feet in water that is as hot as you can stand without causing burns. Start with putting your feet in warm water then increase the temperature of the water as hot as you can tolerate for 15 to 20 minutes.

Dry your feet and put on the cotton socks that have been in the freezer. It will take some effort to get them on since they will be stiff and cold. This is why the short socks are best.

Next put the wool socks on over the cold and wet cotton socks.

Go immediately to bed. Wearing a hat is a bonus. You will probably kick off the socks in the middle of the night and that is okay.

The end result is feeling remarkably better upon waking.

The theory behind it is pretty simple. The cold socks on your hot feet encourage blood and lymph flow which helps circulate the immune cells that are working hard to rid you of infection. This allows your immune system to be more efficient.

In addition to this strange therapy make sure you are taking the following supplements during cold and flu season:

Vitamin C (500 Methoxyflavone from Metagenics) Take 3 caplets twice a day

Vitamin D (D3 5000 from Metagenics) Take 1 a day

Vitamin A (Bio AE Mulsion Forte from Biotics) Take 1 drop a day

Mushroom complex (Myco-Immune from Thorne Research) Take one whole dropper full 4 times a day

Oscillococcinum Take as directed on package

You can find most of these supplement on our website or by calling our clinic.

No one wants to get the flu or even a cold but with these simple, if not weird, remedies available at least we need not dread it.

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