Quick Fix Supplement Guide

Gut-Havoc Rescue

• Glutagenics (Soothes heartburn and indigestion so quickly it will amaze you)

• Pan9X digestive enzymes (For bloating and gas that occurs after a meal. Take with a meal)

• Metagest (Extra stomach acid to help break down your proteins. Take with a meal. Avoid if you have an ulcer or Barretts esophagus)

• Takesumi Charcoal (Sucks up stuff. Great if you have food poisoning, too much alcohol or just over-indulged)

• UltraFlora Acute Care/ Intensive Care (To replenish good gut bacteria

“Oh No, Dr Stacey is out of town and I hurt” support

• Formula 303 (natural muscle relaxant)

• Meriva (all-over anti-inflammatory)

• Endura (relief for muscle cramping)

• Kaprex (joint pain relief)

College-level “Partied-too-much” support and rescue

• Advaclear (Best liver support. Your liver is a detox organ and you have just maxed out its toxin–filtering ability)

• Glutaclear (Helps you make your master antioxidant, glutathione, to keep you safe from errant cell damage)

• UltraClear Renew (Medical food detox program to get you back on track)

• Takesumi charcoal (To soak up all those toxins)

• Tran-Q (Quick panic relief)

Immunity Boosting

• D3 5000 with K2 (So important. Make sure your blood level is between 60-80

• Ultra Potent Vitamin C (Key immunity nutrient but also for healthy skin and so much more)

• Zinc AG (Key immunity nutrient. Especially for mucus membranes like sinuses, nose and throat health)

• Myco-Immune (Powerful immune support if stressed out or exposed to someone with any cooties)

• Colloidal Silver sinus spray (kills bad bugs. Sinus issues or traveling on an airplane.

• UltraFlora IB (To get your microbiome in check)

Parents back-to-school stress support

• MethylCare (B complex which is essential for stress management)

• Ashwaganda (an adaptogen which means it adapts to what you need. It gives you energy when you are dragging and helps you chill when you are on-edge)

• Anxie-T (When you are anxious and freaking out on the daily)

• Serosyn (helps lift your spirits. Do not take if you are on an anti-depressant)

• Tran-Q (Quick panic relief)

“Flying-my-a**-out-of-here” support

• Grapefruit seed extract (Best preventative for Montezuma’s Revenge)

• Cofix (For going up and coming down on air flights or around people with cooties)

• Myco-immune (Powerful immune support if stressed out or exposed to someone with any cooties)

• Paradex (Anti-parasitic for that bad sushi)

“Need-to-fit-back-in-my-jeans” support

• UltraFlora Control (microbiome support to control cravings)

• Glutagenics or Gymnema (for sugar cravings)

• Perfect Protein Powder (High protein, low carb…when you are making poor food choices but still want deliciousness. Use Ultraclear Replenish if Gut Issues…also delicious)

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“Just-the-Facts-Ma’am” basic support


•-EPA-DHA 720 Omega 3 Oils

-UltraFlora Balance Probiotic

-MethylCare B-Complex

-Endura Electrolyte and Minerals

-Vitamin D3 5000 with K2

-Rewind Greens

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