My 4 Favorite Healthy Cleaning Products to Detox Your Environment

Let’s celebrate the Earth by helping the planet and our bodies avoid harmful chemicals from everyday cleaning products. Here are some of the ones we use in the Francis household.
  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Counter Spray: I remember using Formula 409 or Lysol to clean countertops when I was young. Then, we didn’t know the harm the chemicals in them could cause. Today I use Eucalyptus essential oil on a hot, wrung-out, washcloth. Eucalyptus is a natural germicide and makes my kitchen and bathrooms smell wonderful.
  2. Dryer Sheets: Manufacturers do not have to disclose the chemicals that are in dryer sheets. When studied, they are found to have chemicals that may contribute to nervous system problems and dementia among other things. My favorite replacement is soaking small sponges in a mix of 1-part water and 2-parts healthy unscented hair conditioner. Leave it in a covered container and when ready to use wring out a sponge and throw it into the dryer with your wet laundry.
  3. Wood Polish: I have to admit that the wood in our house doesn’t get polished often but when it does the attention is on our piano. We have a beautiful upright piano that was a gift from my parents and that I and both my sons and I learned and practiced on for many years. A simple mix of olive oil and lemon essential oil does the job chemical-free. Lemon essential oil is also good at removing stickers from surfaces that they should not have been put on in the first place…kids!
  4. Glass Cleaner: This makes me think of the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch it, it’s great! Windex® was commonly used in my house growing up too. A healthy substitute is easy to make. 1-cup rubbing alcohol, 1-cup water, 1-tablespoon of distilled white vinegar and 10-drops of the essential oil of your choice, mix in a spray bottle. Use with a lint free cloth.
I love these recipes because they work and I can have my kids use them without worry. What’s better than kids doing housework?!

What are your favorite healthy cleaning swaps?

2 responses to “My 4 Favorite Healthy Cleaning Products to Detox Your Environment

  1. Love the dryer sheet idea!
    I learned my glass cleaner idea on “Live in the D”. Tati used vodka to clean glass, chrome, and even sprayed to de-stink sweater/coat “pits”. I hustled out and bought some cheap vodka to spray clean my countertops (they’re a glass polymer). I went an extra step and reused a neroli hydrosol bottle that had a smidge left in the bottle. I’m a happy he fan! Especially since have by had my cataract removed. Life is so much dirtier than I was aware having been born with the condition. I can finally see the smudge and get it sparkling clean.

  2. I’m so glad the procedure went well for you. Thank you for your comment and the suggestions:)

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