A Chiropractor and a Radiologist Walk into a Bar…


Not really.

It was actually in my clinic when the radiologist chose to accompany his wife for her chiropractic and nutrition appointment. I had the opportunity to talk to him when the subject of thermograms versus mammograms came up.

Most people know what a mammogram is, but if you don’t, it’s an x-ray to screen for breast cancer that is well regarded in the traditional medical establishment. The argument among holistic practitioners is that it exposes the body to harmful radiation and damage to the breast tissue can occur during the squashing part of the procedure.

A thermogram is a radiation-free, squash-free screen using an infrared camera and computer software to measure and compare temperature abnormalities in the breasts. Areas of higher temperature may indicate abnormal blood vessel growth, such as an area with cancer.
The great part about medical thermology is that if you do it regularly, and suddenly you see a slight change in your results you can take preventative steps to support healing.

For all humans I recommend:
Soy (one of the highest genetically modified organisms in addition to corn, cotton, canola oil..)
Parabens (found in personal care products), Phthalates (also found in personal care products but also pacifiers and teething rings) and BPAs (found in plastics like water bottles and linings of canned food)

Supplementing with:
Calcium D-glucorate (it helps with detox and removing xenoestrogens which are estrogen look-alikes that can cause a strong and harmful estrogenic response in the body.
Indole-3-carbonol (it converts to DIM in the gut and can protect the body from hormone related cancers)
Vitamin D (keeping your blood level between 50 and 80 ng/ml)
CoQ10 (a great antioxidant)

I am not anti-mammogram. I am pro-do-your-homework and choose what is right for you.
Some people choose just one or the other, some choose to alternate both, some choose to get ultrasounds or MRIs. There are pros and cons to all.

My new radiologist friend brought to my attention a technique they are using in Germany called an abbreviated breast MRI. MRIs are expensive and take 30 to 90 minutes but an abbreviated breast MRI only takes 7 minutes and there is no radiation. I think that’s great. We just need to get it to the states.

My recommendation is to live on clean food with a healthy mindset in a clean environment.

Would you use an abbreviated breast MRI? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Stacey: Thanks for alerting me to the article. Very nicely written. Mark got a kick out of too. Alec and I spent some good quality time reading the article on ammonia and he is committed to trying to detoxing and we are going to make an appointment with the Dr. you recommended . Thanks, Carol

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