Dr. Stacey’s Supercharged Cleanse

It’s time for a cleanse that works and gets you on the road for sustainable action. A proven system to losing weight and increasing enegy, clarity and focus. Step into a new version of yourself!

Will Intermittent Fasting Cause a Heart Attack

Are you scared of Intermittent Fasting? The AHA wants you to be. The American Heart Association (AHA) shared a recent press release that we are going to poke some holes in. Are you ready? The “Study” A research abstract presented at an AHA event referenced a study of over 20,000 adults. The researchers reported that those who followed an 8-hour time-restricted eating schedule, a type of intermittent fasting, had a 91% higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease. The Holes … Continued

Vertigo Woes Vitamin D deficiency may be the underlying cause of vertigo according to a study in the journal Neurology. This debilitating condition can develop when crystals in your inner ear become dislodged causing dizziness and nausea. Symptoms are usually triggered by changes in your head’s position when you lie down or sit up. Around 1.6% of Americans experience benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) annually. What is BPPV? Benign means it isn’t harmful. Paroxysmal means a sudden onset. Positional means … Continued

10 Years of Symptoms Improved in 4 Visits

Desperate Times Desperate Measures I’ve had the privilege of helping many amazing women and men overcome their health issues over the years. Overwhelming exhaustion and brain fog, debilitating stomach aches, gas and bloating, back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. Trained as a functional medicine doctor and skilled chiropractic kinesiologist, I help patients reclaim their health. The people who come to me have often tried different therapies with little or no success. They either feel they aren’t being heard, know … Continued

The Vitamin That Can Boost Lung Health

Healthy Lungs Need Vitamin K Vitamin K can help clear up frequent bloody noses and helps move calcium from the bloodstream into teeth and bones where it belongs but did you know that Vitamin K is vital for healthy lung function? Check out this study! A new study published in ERJ (European Respiratory Journal) Open Research suggests that people who have low levels of vitamin K are more likely to  have wheezing, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). More than … Continued

Maintain and Improve Bone Health

Maintain and Improve Bone Health Whether you are wanting strong bones as you get older, have thinning bones (osteopenia) or have a significant loss of bone (osteoporosis), this is the protocol for you. Osteo-Mins AM Bone Builder D35000 K2 Minerals are the keys to strong bones. In this supplement combination you have calcium in a natural, absorbable form (MCHC), Magnesium, phosphorus and strontium (of which there are many studies showing its importance in bone preservation and improvement). You have vitamin … Continued

Meds that Mess with Memory

Meds that Mess with Memory Memory and the ability to think and reason clearly (cognitive function) happens when there is communication between the nerves in the brain. The following medications can interfere with this brain cell communication. Finding natural alternatives to your health issues is my superpower. Let’s work together to preserve your brain…and not destroy it. LET’S WORK TOGETHER 5 Word Memory Test Have someone tell you 5 common words and have you repeat them 10 minutes later. If … Continued

Bedwetting and Overactive Bladder: When Pee Won’t Stay Put

It’s Time For Dry Bedwetting in kids and Overactive Bladder in adults have a lot in common, read on to discover what they are and how to resolve these issues for good. Identify Food Sensitivities When your immune system is on overdrive your body will misbehave. That is what happens when you consume foods that your body targets as “the enemy”. These are called food sensitivities and when you have them, tissues can over-contract very much like the feeling you … Continued

Unlock the Secrets to a Pain-Free Neck

Oh My Aching Neck! Neck pain can come from many sources. It can be Structural, Bacterial, Viral, Toxin and Neurological so it’s best to consult with your doctor when you are having neck pain. As a chiropractor and functional medicine doctor, I see patients suffer with neck pain coming into my office and when it is structural the often end up walking out pain-free. Sometimes its not that easy. A follow-up visit, ice, rest and magnesium (a natural muscle relaxant) … Continued