Detox Program Workshop


Join Us For Our Safe, Fun, and Dynamic 10-Day Detox Program Workshop

“Headaches gone…”

“Skin rash gone…”

“Sleepiness gone…”

These are some of the things we hear after participants have gone through our detox programs. What we never hear is…

“I couldn’t get out of the bathroom…”

“I felt like I had the flu…”

“It wiped me out…”

It’s not surprising. Our detox workshop assists the body in its own natural detoxification process. If we use supplements, we only use those that support the body and do not force it into a process that it wouldn’t naturally perform.

Handholding is not a luxury…it’s a necessity. Access to a professional that can evaluate your progress on a detox is vitally important. It is not healthy or beneficial to detox faster than your body can handle. To have a successful and healthy detox you need to be in communication with your healthcare provider especially if you are not feeling your best while going through the program.

Although rigorous, a detoxification program need not be uncomfortable. Join us on April 26, 2017, and we will do this together.

Reserve your spot HERE or by telephoning us at (248) 213-1332 by April 24.

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