Embracing Our Shadow

Going through a mid-life awakening

Have you had it with trying to be perfect all the time? Has the novelty of being a “Stepford” person worn off? If it has, you might consider playing with your “shadow”.  This is something I am going through as well and I am now embracing my “shadow”.  Author Robert Bly and my mentor Rob Radtke would be proud. The shadow is the hidden part of your self that you keep stuffing down because it isn’t appropriate, doesn’t conform, is too loud, too brash, too bright, and just doesn’t fit the person that you think you should be because someone else said so.

Watch for table dancing

If you follow my personal Facebook posts (which you are welcome to do) you will notice I am taking a more active role in my life. You will see me rock climbing (on a wall, but still), kayaking, wearing red lipstick, going to hard rock concerts, and dancing on tables–maybe not the last one, but the night is still young and I wouldn’t put it past me. I was complaining to my nephew that there are memes that I post on Facebook that I pull down right away because they are so funny but entirely inappropriate. So, he introduced me to Instagram where I post to my heart’s content releasing my shadow from its cage. Take a look at the parts of yourself that you are stuffing away but that knock on the door of your consciousness at night waking you at 3 or 4 am. In what ways could you dance with this shadow side of yourself?

Why are you telling me this?

Ever since I started treating patients I have worked hard to be perfect in my diagnosing, my treating, and my presentation. What I have come to discover is that my patients are able to relate to me and all of my imperfections more than they did with my buttoned-up persona. It has been a struggle to balance the emotionally removed and therefore “professional” medical doctor persona with the nerdy but fun, muscle testing/energy medicine doctor who just wants all of her patients to feel loved, heard, and healed. Part of that healing for you is to embrace all the parts of yourself, even (or especially) the parts that want to dance on tables.

Find your match

Finding a doctor isn’t easy. Finding a doctor who will go beyond the prescription pad is even harder but those are the doctors I want you to surround yourselves with. If you can’t communicate and feel heard or you get brushed-off for doing your own research of the condition that you may have, keep looking. We all have our off days so don’t judge a doctor (or anyone else) on one bad experience, but you should feel like you are in the right place, with the right person, and not everyone is a match. Take a stand for your health and who you allow to help you navigate it.

I am always looking for great doctors so, if you have one to add to my list, please share. And, as always, I am honored to be your table dancing doctor. Come dance with me.

Dr. Stacey

P.S. I am going to add some interviews of a variety of local health-oriented service people to these blog posts so if you know of someone to interview, let me know.

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  1. Dr. Francis,
    I absolutely adore this post! My Shadow Self is part of me that I have been actively exploring as well. It is wonderful to know we are not dancing in the dark alone.

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