Healthy Trader Joe’s Pairings

If you have been reading my posts you have come to realize that I love shopping at Trader Joe’s. I love the friendly staff in their tropical attire. The abundance of non-GMO choices of fruit and vegetables is appreciated. I love that they feed me samples (and not just the cold ones) and coffee. Most of all I love the healthy options. Don’t get me wrong, you can find plenty of unhealthy options and although delicious, I do not recommend them on your pursuit for optimal health. Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite Trader Joe’s pairings that bring health, joy, and simplicity to our dining room table.



Grain-free overnight “oats”: Yogurt + hemp seeds + fruit

Gluten Free Crispbread + almond butter + banana

Green smoothie: Unsweetened coconut milk + frozen ripe banana + organic baby spinach + cashews

Green drink: Organic baby spinach +  parsley + Lemon + ginger + honey


Smoothie Bowl: Blended frozen banana and strawberries + coconut flakes + almonds

Shrimp + stir fry veggies + coconut aminos (tastes like soy sauce without the soy)

Eggs + harvest hodgepodge frozen veggies + everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend

Organic chicken broth + mirepoix  veggie mix + veggie pot stickers + spinach + sesame oil

Mango jicama slaw salad + shrimp

Lentils + feta + broccoli

Smoked salmon + cream cheese + everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend + gluten-free crispbread

Chicken + Harissa + garlic sauce + zucchini noodles



Chicken + roasted cauliflower + tahini sauce

Sole + roasted Brussels sprouts + olive oil + everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend

Shrimp + stir fry veggies + guacamole

Ground Turkey + tzadiki sauce + red onion

Tuna + riced cauliflower + Mexican blend cheese

Chicken + pesto + mozzarella

Chicken + garlic spread + roasted potatoes

Ground turkey + mirepoix + spinach + everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend + mashed cauliflower


Dark chocolate and nuts

Fruit and nuts

Gone Bananas + cottage cheese


Kale chips

Seaweed snacks

cheddar crisps


What are your favorite Trader Joe’s combinations?

5 responses to “Healthy Trader Joe’s Pairings

  1. I love their Palak Paneer ( spinach with cheese cubes),
    Riced cauliflower with ginger veggies ( stir fry)

  2. Gluten free crisp bread + organic avocado slices + a sprinkle of everything but the bagel

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