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I love to see your lovely faces but I understand the need to stay out of public places at the moment. Although I cannot do a chiropractic adjustment remotely, let me tell you what I can do and why we set up an online or phone consultation option.


Stomach Aches

If you have been having stomach aches let’s get them resolved. A large number of patients I see either come to me because of stomach pain or gut symptoms or they come to me for other reasons and stomach pain/issues are also present. First I will go over a questionnaire specific to gut issues, then we will go over an in depth history, then if necessary I will suggest either blood work or a stool analysis, both of which you can do from the comfort of your home or a nearby lab.



Same as above, an in depth history is the theme. Often blood work that you have already had will clue us in on what is going on, or we may need to do an extra lab test to rule out blood sugar issues, anemia or thyroid imbalance. We also look into blood sugar issues, toxicity, caffeine dependence, poor sleep quality and more.


Weight Issues

I have been working with patients on weight issues with great success for over 20 years. I use the First Line Therapy method which looks at what works specifically for you based on your lab tests, history and preferences. We look at metabolic reasons that might be interfering with weight loss like hormonal/glandular imbalances, genetic issues and neurotransmitter issues. There is a range that we work in that will be the perfect fit for you because it will be sustainable with results!


Hormonal Imbalances and Sleep Issues

I use a specialized lab that does not only tell us what hormones may be deficient but it will also tell us if your are releasing your hormones through healthy or dangerous pathways. The good news is that there are simple steps to take if that is the case. Even better, the hormone test kit can get sent directly to your home, you do a little sample collection at home and then send it off at no charge to you through FedEx, who will usually pick it up from your doorstep.

Structural Issues (like, My Back Went Out, Help!!)

I am still able to help you if you have muscle or joint pain. We will either work with a partner in your house to do some muscle testing or I will have you go through some ranges of motion and we will evaluate limitation in range or discomfort. I will guide you through appropriate moves that will help correct imbalances and give you relief.


We have made it so easy to make an appointment. Just click here, and choose the phone consultation option…

Choose: New Patient, if we have never worked together before (or it’s been over 7 years)

Choose: Follow Up Patient, if we have (or it’s been less than 7 years).

I have disabled the in-person online appointment until I am absolutely sure I will be in the office. If you currently have an in-person appointment, you and I will connect prior to the appointment.

Don’t see the condition you are dealing with on the list? We are just a phone call or email message away. Reach out with questions.

Stay tuned. I will be setting up online workshops on muscle testing with a partner, gut issues, stress, immunity, fibromyalgia and so much more on my private Facebook page. Join here. 


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Stacey

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  1. Can anything be done spinal stenosis? I have been avoiding adjustments. It feel like I could break

  2. Yes. Knowing where the dysfunction is and working around it can improve your movement greatly. Once we get you moving we have to keep you moving.

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