How to Stock a Holistic Medicine Cabinet

A holistic medicine cabinet is essential for every home. The side effects of over the counter medications are many and not necessary when we have such great natural alternatives. My kitchen and bathroom are so full of supplement bottles that it’s a danger to open the cabinets for fear of a bottle avalanche. You don’t have to have cabinets like mine. I’ve shortened the list to what I think is essential because you don’t need to be overwhelmed and because I am also sending a kit with my son for his freshman year at college and you might want to as well.


Belly Issues:

Grapefruit seed extract. For stomach aches.

Activated charcoal or bentonite clay. For food poisoning, over-consuming alcohol, gas and bloating.

Ginger chews. For nausea and upset stomach.

L-Glutamine powder. An amino acid that helps with reflux, heartburn and upset stomach.


Sinus/Throat Issues and Cold/Flu virus:

Colloidal silver. In a nasal spray for sinus infections and colds. In a dropper form for illness and flu.

Sea salt. Mix with warm water to gargle with for a sore throat.

Neti Pot. A ceramic pot that looks like an Aladdin’s lamp. With a mixture of warm salt water, it is used to irrigate the sinuses for allergy symptoms, colds, and upper respiratory infections. See instructions here.

Slippery Elm Tea. For sore or scratchy throats. I like this one.

Occilococcinum. Take this homeopathic remedy at the first sign of the flu, headaches, body aches, fatigue, and fever.


Skin Issues and Body aches:

Body powder without talc or parabens. For chafing, athlete’s foot, and jock itch. Like this one.

Instant and reusable ice packs. For joint and muscle injuries and headaches.

Colloidal silver ointment. For cuts and scrapes

Magnesium Citrate powder. For muscle aches, muscle cramps, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and headaches. This is the best. 

Electrolyte drink sticks. For dehydration from alcohol, sun exposure, sweating, diarrhea, or fever. This one is great.

Arnica ointment. For bruising and muscle aches.


Stress and Sleep (make sure to also consult with a licensed therapist):

Rescue Remedy. A Bach Flower remedy used in panic, grief, anxiety — basically for times when you are “freaking out”.

Magnesium Citrate powder. It’s up there with body aches but it’s great for sleep and calming as well. Once again, you can find it here. 

Lavender essential oil. Great for sleep and headaches.


I can’t complete the list without mentioning that the most important keys to optimal health don’t actually reside in a medicine cabinet. You can find that information here.

*Disclaimer: Make sure you are consulting with your holistic or functional medicine practitioner before taking any of these recommendations. Some of us even correspond virtually.*

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