Misplaced Rambling and other Parenting Mishaps

This is probably the wrong place for what I am about to write but since we are all going through this human (or parenting) experience, we sometimes find that the experience of others helps guide our own. Aaand, I need to start somewhere.

You may have noticed that I don’t blog much. It’s not that I don’t have something to say or the time to say it, it’s that I am always checking, perfecting and second-guessing. I have a computer full of articles on health topics that would undoubtedly help people in their goals to achieve health but for the reasons above, I hold back. Are they professional enough, do they cite enough/any sources, would the information be useful/ usable, is the grammar correct, should I even post them if I can’t post consistently…? You get the gist.
As I embark on the joyous, confusing and, more often than not, painful process of sending my first-born off to college I contemplate what I have taught him and his brother intentionally and unintentionally over the last 18 years. Many things come to mind but in the moment it is, sadly, striving for perfection.
I know that in my own life, striving for perfection has gotten me out of my comfort zone, had me achieve the success I now experience, pushes me to take courses, write articles, teach and read extensively in order to be better. Not such a bad thing until it makes you sick.
Right now that 18 year old is lying in bed recuperating from the pressures of a grueling school schedule, extracurricular activities, exams, college tours and applying for scholarships. Not to worry, it’s just a cold, but the pressures we put on ourselves takes it’s toll. I went through my own episode of “sick” in my last year of chiropractic school. The benefit being that I became well versed in nutrition, the function of the GI system and autoimmune disease.
I’m not looking to undo or remove the strive for betterment but not at the risk of getting in the way of moving forward or causing mental or physical illness. The answer, I believe, comes in awareness and balance. Awareness of when we are out of balance and tools to bring us back.
He will be away from home next year and I am committed that he joins the conversation of awareness and balance. I have 6 months.

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