Mother’s Day Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of

I miss my mother every day but especially on Mother’s Day. She was smart and kind and loved to laugh, which is why she married my dad. He not only made her laugh, he cherished her and taught us to as well. These days I honor my mother by cherishing myself in ways my husband and my boys wouldn’t think of.

Mother’s day gifts for yourself

  1. A housecleaner. Even just once a blue moon is worth the feeling of having a clean living space. I recommend this one.
  2. These are just beautiful socks. The fact that they can prevent tired and achy legs when you have been on your feet all day and help prevent blood clots from long flights when traveling is just icing on the cake. Find them here. 
  3. Talk of body functions is no longer taboo. If you have had a kid or two and could use some confidence with sneezing, laughing or coughing, check out this witty company and their great undies. Here. 
  4. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, has never been more accurate. Splurge on lab work that will help you plan a healthy future. A great cardio panel from Boston Heart Labs is less than $70.00. (Restrictions may apply) Make your appointment for a consult here. 
  5. A designated driver. When my bestie wanted to celebrate a new job, my son offered to be the designated driver. We only had one drink each but it was still a great idea. Need a ride? I have a teenager with a car.
  6. A mini-vacay. Even if you are just driving a half a block to the hotel down the street, there is room service and someone else makes the bed! Need a great travel agent? I have two, click here and here.
  7. A Roomba. I would be remiss if I didn’t include this coveted piece of house-cleaning machinery. I’ve been wanting one for years but I fear it would terrorize Spencer. If you have one, I’d love to know if it is worth it.

Share with me your unique and fun ideas for Mother’s Day and maybe it will make our list for next year.

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