Petticoats, Physical Fitness and Pretty Mamas

How do you get your physical fitness? Although I gravitated to tap shoes and ballet slippers when I was young, I was introduced to a variety of ways to stay in shape by my active parents.

Picture this…you are 12 years old and your parents come downstairs after getting ready to go out for the evening. Your mom, who normally wears the latest fashion, and your dad, who commonly sports a suit, appear in the doorway wearing something like this…

Square Dancing Costumes - Ready for some physical fitness

I looked high and low to find the actual picture but this gives you the idea. Yes, to state the obvious, my parents were on their way to go square dancing. They embraced this dancing-form to the point that they bought authentic coordinating outfits. That shows just how much fun they were and how physically active, too.. As we embark on the month of May we want to honor and celebrate the wonderful mothers in our lives and, since May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month, do a little booty-shakin’ as well.

This month we are celebrating moms, sisters, aunts and grannies with prizes (it’s always better with prizes), fun classes (that’s how you get the prizes) and cool gift ideas (We’d love to hear your favorites) for our wonderful women; and on the 31st, we are having a ladies dinner party at the home of Dr. Stacey.

Stay tuned!


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