A Quick Guide to The Detox Mindset

Julie knew that something had to give. She felt “fat, stupid and slow”. Whenever she tried to eat right or exercise she noticed only small improvements in her health and never felt as sharp or focused as she had in the past. She was emotionally worn out from trying but felt guilty when she didn’t.

I see a lot of “Julie’s”. There are thousands of gimmicks out there on how to get healthy but it takes some education, time and motivation to figure out the magical formula that works for you specifically.

When Julie came in she was feeling dejected. By the time we had figured out what worked best for her, she was elated and more importantly, empowered.

In order for her to work again on an issue that had caused her so much grief in the past took a certain mindset in order for her to be successful.

A Quick Guide to The Detox Mindset
  1. Trust. She had to have trust in me as her practitioner, trust in the program I was presenting to her and trust in herself that she could be successful.
  2. Knowledge. She had to gather more knowledge about her body, her choices and her environment than she had previously. She had to be willing to learn how her body works and what factors affect it.
  3. Awareness. She had to be honest with herself about the state of her health and the direction it was going in. She had to be aware that once she was knowledgeable, her choices were key in that direction.
  4. Persistence. She had to be willing to go the distance and plan for the ups and downs that come with anything worthwhile. A plan, when you are off the rails, will help to bring you back with minimal repercussions.
  5. Presence. She had to be able to accept that she is amazing now, in the present. Not later when she is “this or that”, but now. Life is now, not later. Presence in the moment is important in order to enjoy life, be purposeful, be grateful, feel fulfilled and connect to ourselves, others and God.

What would you add to this list? What has allowed you to be successful in a health program that you put yourself on? If Julie can do it, so can you.

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