10 Years of Symptoms Improved in 4 Visits

Desperate Times Desperate Measures

I’ve had the privilege of helping many amazing women and men overcome their health issues over the years.

Overwhelming exhaustion and brain fog, debilitating stomach aches, gas and bloating, back pain, neck pain, headaches and more.

Trained as a functional medicine doctor and skilled chiropractic kinesiologist, I help patients reclaim their health.

The people who come to me have often tried different therapies with little or no success. They either feel they aren’t being heard, know there is an underlying issue that isn’t being addressed or given medication that they do not want and, in many cases, do not need.

Meet Beth

Beth was suffering with symptoms daily for TEN YEARS!

Multiple visits to the hospital resulted in a diagnosis but no useful answers and certainly no resolution of her symptoms.

If she didn’t get her condition under control she would be facing surgery and the potential complications that come with it.

Like many of you who are struggling with long term health issues, she had organized her life around her symptoms. “Missing out” or “modifying her plans” had become such a part of her life, she couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

When she was referred to me she certainly didn’t think I, a chiropractor, could make a difference when so many other specialized “doctors” couldn’t.

On her first visit I listened and we planned.

The second visit we tested and started treatment.

Chiropractic and nutrition.

Every organ system and gland needs the proper nerve flow to function properly.

Our bodies need nutrients to survive and thrive and the substances that cause disease must be identified and removed.

On the third visit we continued treatment.

By our fourth visit together she was feeling worlds better.

Hope and A Plan

She worked the plan and her symptoms resolved faster than she could imagine.

When she fell off the plan her symptoms returned.

She was starting to understand the importance of taking action for her health and wellness.

She became her own superhero. And mine as well.

When you heal before my eyes it is truly a miracle and I am as grateful for the process as you are.

She has now become her own physician as she figures out her healing path. I am here when she needs me and I celebrate that our visits are more infrequent as she regains the health that she deserves.

I am honored to be a witness to YOUR healing.

Guiding you along the way, I love teaching you about the temple in which you reside so you understand how to make it work for comfort, strength and longevity.

If you would like to work with a physician (who is also very much a coach in your healing process) – I am, at the time of this writing, taking on new patients.

Success in health is not a solo journey but a collaborative adventure.

Let’s Start Now

Millions of people worldwide suffer needlessly with fatigue and brain fog.

Are you one of them?

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