Roasted Veggies with Tzatziki Sauce and Almonds

I’m always looking for easy meals that contain a bunch of fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, low-carb vegetables. The dish I’m introducing to you today is a staple in our house. I love it so much I will have it for two to three meals a day. It’s really that good and that easy.

My favorite buddy, Joe

I am lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s between work and home. I love the convenience of having pre-cut organic veggies. I will purchase a bag of broccoli, red peppers, shredded carrots (not so low carb, I know), summer squash, zucchini (am I the only one who constantly misspells that word?!), mushrooms, and onions. When I get home I quickly put the oven on 400°F (or I’ll call Noah and have him do it on my way home so it’s preheated. Thank you, sweet angel, Noah!)

Next, I will pull out all of my baking sheets and spray them with the oh-so-convenient Trader Joe’s olive oil spray. I’ll dump all the precut veggies on the sheets and cut up the squash, zucchini, and onion and throw them on there too. I’ll spray them or toss them with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper on, sometimes garlic powder or cumin. You do you!

I will bake them for 30 to 40 minutes tossing them periodically. When they are tender and browned but not burned, I will take them out and divvy them up into 4 or 5 glass containers to have for the next few days.

When I’m ready to eat one, I’ll put a few tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Tzatziki (also a hard word to spell) on top and sprinkle with, yes once again Trader Joe’s sliced almonds. It is so incredibly delicious. I will often add some fish or garbanzo beans to add protein.  Try it, I know you will be a fan. Download this month’s recipe, HERE.

Eat your veggies,

Dr. Stacey


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  1. Yummy. I too love roasted veggies. I live off of my homemade Italian dressing. Olive oil, Apple cider viber and a packet of Italian dressing seasoning. I use it to roast veggies. I use it to salute veggies in a reduction of Italian dressing.over an avacodo so many ways!

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