A patient came in to report that she was doing great until a stressful situation drove her to eating the foods she knew she had reactions to. Her joints started aching and she developed bloating and stomach pain.

We self-sabotage for many reasons but the most controllable is being prepared for those times our better thinking gets hijacked. Here are a few steps to avoid self-sabotage when it comes to eating the things you know that harm you.

  1. Identify the situations that cause you to self sabotage. It might be stress or it might be H.A.L.T. which is hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Which of these have you running for your comfort foods, sugar, caffeine or gluten? What other situations have you found that cause you to self-sabotage?
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare. It might be spending a day making healthy soups like bone broth, baking high protein, low carb muffins or preparing a low carb casserole and stashing it all in the freezer in individual serving sizes just so you can pull it out in a moment’s notice for an emergency, non-sabotage fix. It might be keeping your home sabotage-free by not bringing in any items that throw you off track. It could also be a non-food distraction like a car ride to a favorite park, a good book, an exercise class or a walk. You are setting up a safety net.
  1. Be vocal. Have a pact with your spouse, your roommate or your kid that whenever you feel on the verge of self-sabotage you give a shout, a signal or a raise a flag with the agreement that they will deliver you quickly and directly toward your safety net.

In my 22 years of practicing natural medicine, I have not found one thing that is valued more than good health. Every time you move toward helping yourself be healthy, give yourself a pat on the back and relish in the moment of being powerful.


What works for you? Please share.


Be well,

Dr. Stacey

One response to “Self-Sabotage

  1. 12 years ago I was in a car accident and suffered whiplash. About a year later I started having severe headaches. Since then I continued to have a 2-3 severe headaches each month, lasting all day. Ive tried massage, Tylenol, ice packs, oils and more to no help.
    Finally I decided to see Dr. Francis to see if she could help me. After reviewing my history she made several nutritional and supplement recommendations. She also performed muscle testing and adjusted me (and my neck) which felt great!
    Since following her advice and being adjusted I’ve felt great and haven’t had one headache! It’s a miracle! Dr. Francis is very knowledgeable about nutrition, which is something I appreciate being a registered dietitian! I have recommended her to my friends and will continue to see her on a regular basis!

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