Chiro Kids Rock!

I love all my patients but the kids I love the most. Especially the ones that have learned to go to their parents to request my services. I have a high level high school diver. He came in with back pain between his shoulder blades. When I muscle tested him we were clearly able to see that his back muscles pulled his spine out of alignment. He felt much better after his adjustment and when his back feels better and … Continued

Quick Acting Gut Relief

Stomach pain is one of the top reasons a patient comes to see me. There are steps I take to identify and resolve gastrointestinal (GI) issues but to put out the fire fast, I use one supplement that has had the most effective results for my 25 plus years of practice. Read on to discover the nitty gritty on stomach pain and the one supplement I use to tame the pain. The Food Tube The GI system is a tube … Continued