Thermography: Why Our “Girls” Love Them

Thermography is a great addition to your preventative healthcare program. It is mainly used as another tool in addition to palpation, mammography, ultrasound, and MRI to detect breast cancer. It can also be used for the detection of other conditions. Let’s talk.

How Thermography Works

Thermography is a process that takes thousands of temperature measurements directed to a computer that creates a picture divided by color that can detect tissue changes in the body. In our practice, we use it predominantly to check for changes in the breasts that can indicate precursors to breast cancer. This is one of the tools, besides nutrition and cleaning up our personal environment, that we use in our clinic to prevent breast cancer.

Tumor cells need blood to supply them with nutrients so they can grow. These cells send out chemicals that tell the body to grow blood vessels to them so the cancer cells can get nutrients and grow rapidly. This is called angiogenesis and thermography can detect these changes where mammography cannot. This early detection can give us the time we need to detect early or even gives us an opportunity to prevent cancer.

The Benefits of Thermography

  • Thermography is so safe that it is FDA approved for use on babies and pregnant moms as well.
  • There is no radiation.
  • It can detect inflammation as well as vascular changes.
  • There is no pressing on the breast tissue.
  • It may detect changes before a mammogram does.
  • Non-invasive. No needles or injections.
  • It’s helpful in monitoring therapy.

Final Thoughts:

One in eight women develop breast cancer and those numbers are not moving toward improvement. Our clinic works to prevent disease and uses tools to detect changes that can be early indicators of disease. This allows us to implement protocols to prevent disease like breast cancer. If you are someone who chooses mammograms, thermography is a tool that can be utilized between mammography sessions or to lighten the load of radiation when the two tests are given alternately.

If you are local to the Detroit metro area, we often use this clinic for Thermography.

Ask me any questions you have about this healthy service.

Dr. Stacey

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  1. I’ve been doing therma-scans for years. They actually have a new and improved version that no longer requires putting your hands in the freezing water. I have my appointment.

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